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Abrina :: School: University of Illinois Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'5 Figure: 34B-28-32 EyeColor: Green

View Trailer - .mp4 114 MB 00:15:23

18 year old University of Illinois freshman Abrina has never had an orgasm from sex before. Until today. Maybe it's the excitement over doing her very first porno video, or all the attention she is getting from us. Or maybe Jay is just the fricken man when it comes to making girls cum. Either way, it's good news for everyone. Because a girl who gets to cum is a girl that will stop at nothing to return the favor.

I thought we'd start off doing some panty judging, but the first pair Abrina grabbed from her suit case was perfect, so we start the photos session right away. She's not used to posing for the camera but braves through it. She blushes and giggles when I ask her to spread her pussy lips for the pictures. If that's naughty to her, I'm curious to see how she'll react during the video. We'll see. She lets me and Jay feel her perfect tits and let me tell you: they're real and they're spectacular. Jay takes pics on his phone for his personal collection, which should be pretty massive by now. After all the posing and spreading, it's time for Jay to take the torch and do his magic on the young lady.

During the interview Abrina reveals all about her sexual preferences, her first time with a guy, and her liberal upbringing. Jay slowly gets her naked and comfortable with having a video camera shoved in between her legs. Because that's where it'll be from now on, more or less. At least one of the cameras. Remember, there are 3 camcorders running at all times during ECG shoots. Abrina does a good job looking into one of them at any given time, which is especially hot when she orgasms. This happens quite a lot: the first time when Jay uses his fingers on her while Abrina holds a vibrator to her clit, and then again later when he fucks her on the bed. She's pleasantly surprised how much she gets to cum today, let's just say that. Her face flushes when she cums so don't think your monitor is broken when you watch her cum and her face gets red.

Lots of super hot stuff going on with Abrina, but your favorite might just be when Jay talks her into taking a vibrator up her tiny ass, while he fingers her pussy. That's a first for her and her facial expressions when he penetrates her are fucking priceless. It's a mix of shock, horror, genuine surprise, and pleasure. She's speechless for most of the time, and she tries to keep herself from cumming because good girls don't cum with things up their asses. LOL

To sum it up, this is a great and intense shoot with a true first-timer who is happy to be here and likes to have fun. You'll see the realities of shooting porn, flaws and all. Some things go really well for Abrina, some things don't (Hint: deepthroating...). But at the end of the day, Abrina leaves with a smile and an experience of a lifetime. And probably streaks of cum in her hair because despite the shower at the end, Jay's baby batter has the tendency to find its way into all sorts of weird places on a girl. But Abrina is cool so I don't think I'll be getting any hate email from her. When you have a down-to-earth newbie like Abrina the world just seems a hell of a lot more fun, doesn't it?

Rachel :: School: Arizona State University Year: Sophomore Age: 19 Height: 5'8 Figure: 32-26-32 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .mp4 174 MB 00:13:42

Over the weekend someone on Twitter proclaimed the following words of wisdom under the hashtag #PornHasTaughtMe: "that if u r female & go 2 ASU, u will b in a porno." While it's unwise to take many life lessons from Twitter, today's update is a fit, leggy 19 year old ASU student named Rachel. So?go fig. Rachel is a doll, flat hair, flat abs courtesy of pilates and, thankfully, NOT a flat chest. During our interview she confesses that while she just lost her virginity at age 15, in the intervening 4 years she's been with 5 guys. So, she certainly seems to know what she's doing. I probe a bit deeper and while she hasn't been with any girls yet, it's certainly on her to-do list. During our intro, she reveals that since she's just broken up with her boyfriend due to some scandalous behavior on her part she hasn't had sex in a month, but is no stranger to masturbating and actually gets turned on by the thought of guys jacking off to her. Seems like a perfect fit for ECG.

When I pull out the Rabbit and show it to her, she can't get out of her skirt fast enough! I have her spread 'em and then I lube her up with my fingers which she seems to enjoy a whole lot. Once the Rabbit comes out she's really getting into it, between gasping with pleasure and eye fucking the camera she manages an explosive orgasm, then another. You can see how much she came when I slide the Rabbit out. After some small talk, Rachel shows off her cock sucking skills with a fairly amazing BJ that starts off slow and sensual. While she admits that she can't really deep throat, she doesn't seem to have any trouble swallowing most of my cock, so maybe she has potential. I can see that she's fingering herself while she blows me so it seems like some fucking is in order. She's been talking about how long it's been since she's been fucked so I'm definitely going to sample her amazing pussy.

You can tell she's into it by the angelic, blissful look on her face as I pound her. When I get her on her back she throws her legs wide open, showing off her dancer's flexibility and more pussy pounding ensues accompanied by her non stop panting and gasps of pleasure. After she cums yet again I get her to her knees to lick her pussy juices off my cock. But I am not done with that meaty pussy and I order her to lay on her face so I can fuck her some more. When I'm about to bust I roll her over and coat her flat abs with a jizz shower. While this update has everything you'd expect from an ECG classic, the highlight is watching Rachel's dreamy fuck face as I pound her in every position. You can tell that she loves every second of it. From about 14 minutes after we meet she's been telling me that she's never had anal but really thinks it's a turn on, and I haven't forgotten. At the end of the shoot, while she's mopping jizz off her chest she agrees to return to let me take her ass virginity on camera. It's already in the can so look forward to seeing her first anal soon, right here on ECG. - Jay

Celine :: School: Arizona State University Year: Freshman Age: 19 Height: 5'8 Figure: 32-22-32 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 113 MB 00:11:17

Celine is 19 and she goes to ASU, if you are shocked that a pretty, girl next door from a good, red, Romney voting state like Arizona is about to get fucked on camera...well you're probably very new to the internet, so hi there, welcome aboard, throw your feet up and enjoy.

Celine is a serious party girl, and has the body to back it up: bouncy B cup tits, flat abs, a round bouncy booty. There is really no way to go wrong with a girl that looks like this. On top of that, about 30 seconds into our in car interview she explains that she's EXTREMELY sexual. Not just 'sexual' but EXTREMELY sexual. Hell yea. This fact becomes even more obvious when she explains that she and her (female) roommate often masturbate in the same room. I'm already excited for this shoot, but when Celine mentions that she thinks I'm hot and is already turned on by it, damn. It's on. I have her lean in for a little roadhead and I'm pretty shocked at how good this little coed is at the oral arts. Makes me wonder if she's attending ASU on a dick scholarship. She's so good in fact that when I glance over and see that fine little ass poking out from her little black dress I have to pull over and get a piece of it. We climb out and she pulls up her dress to reveal that she's not even wearing panties, which makes bending her over and breaking off a piece of that ass easy as can be.

Once again we almost get caught, so we flee the scene in style (me flooring it, Celine sucking my cock) and head for the "studio" (okay it's just my pad). While we were talking she told me that her favorite way to cum is by getting fingered and I put her to the test by dropping a couple of digits to see how fast I can get her to cum. The answer is pretty fast, it hardly takes more than a minute of stimulation to get her there. But this is just a warm up to the main event: the sybian. You can see the excitement in her eyes as soon as I unveil it. She rides it to 3, 4, 5 orgasms in a row? It's hard to count because she's breathless and totally engrossed in pleasure the whole time. Definitely another Sybian believer.

After watching her orgasm over and over I'm dying to fuck that sweet pussy again and I put her face down to hit it from behind. Be sure to get a look at this, you can see her bouncing her ass like an Atlanta stripper and it's hard to say if it felt better being balls deep or the resulting video I was able to shoot. But like I said before DAMN. To make sure and break her record of 5 orgasms in one sex session, I have her climb on in reverse cowgirl and I pound her until that pussy is nice and tender and I dive in with the fingers for one last solid orgasm. As for me, I'm dying to finish on her face. To be fair it's been a struggle not to blow my load early on this one, she's just a ball of nympho energy in a perfect package. I get her to her knees and blast her in the face with a load that should make you say, "Peter North? Who's he?" I'm not lying when I tell her this was one of the best on camera nuts I've ever had the pleasure of busting. Celine, damn!


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April :: School: University of Central Florida Year: Junior Age: 20 Height: 5'5 Figure: 32B-26-32 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .mp4 121 MB 00:11:35

Jay picks up April from the airport, they chat, and within 30 seconds you'll either love her or hate her. If you're like me, you'll love her - the girl is a fucking riot! Cute, spunky, VERY outgoing, a bit sassy, and more importantly a FREAK in the sheets. But that comes a bit later. First, Jay coaxes some intimate details out of our 20 year old UCF coed. The conversation drifts to April's masturbation habits and she mentions how she gets off with toys at home. So why not stop by at the local sex shop and buy her some, right?

So Jay and April go sex toy shopping, Jay's camera hidden carefully so as not to be spotted by the people that work at the store. After April chooses the toys she thinks might get her off best, it's off to the hotel where she'll pose for pictures (excellent job btw, I don't think this is her first photo shoot. If it is - kudos!) and then it's time to put those toys to the test.

April says she usually doesn't cum during "regular intercourse", she needs lots of clit stimulation. Jay thinks a finger and then later on a vibrator in her ass might help. And he's right! April cums several times with the toys and is surprised how much she likes a bit of ass play at the same time. The big surprise: April squirts (!!) for the first time during an orgasm, as she breathlessly confesses. Clearly she came harder than she expected and that's always a great way to start the day, isn't it?

I'm not going to give away the farm here and tell you in detail about all the kinky and hot stuff April does and lets herself have done to here. You have to watch the entire thing to really appreciate the naughtiness LOL. Suffice it to say our little cutie is one enthusiastic cock gobbler, orgasm fiend, and even licks Jay's ass - and then some. There's some rough sex, and deep throating. She is game for just about anything and it gets pretty hardcore here. And April loves every minute of it.

April really seems to be in her element - she is funny, fun to be around, and really enjoys herself (getting to cum so often helps). She is comfortable with herself and with the situation. She even takes Jay's ridiculously huge cum load without (much) complaint. "Oh my God!!" are her last words. I swear, this girl is made for porn. I think she needs to keep doing this, there's so much potential with her that it'd be a shame to deny the world of more jack-off material starring the girl. For now though, enjoy the next hour and a half with April right here on ECG. Just make sure you're stacked up on tissues. And close the damn door! - Steve

Tiffany :: School: UCLA Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'10 Figure: 32-22-32 EyeColor: Green

View Trailer - .mp4 150 MB 00:13:04

The reason you keep coming back to ECG week after week is real girls having real orgasms. If you have any doubt how hot this can be watch Tiffany's nervousness and awkwardness when I fuck her to orgasm the first time, she cums so hard she surprises herself and it's amazing. That's a real orgasm, captured on film.

If you are looking for a reason to fall in love with today's girl and her being a 19 year old blonde hardbody from LA isn't enough, let me condense it to this: when I fuck her, she fucks back. There are a couple of types of girls in the world and my all time favorite is a girl who, when you fuck her, fucks back like her pussy is just hungry for dick. If you aren't sure what I mean, pay careful attention around the 16 minute mark and watch her work those little hips and grind her little ass.

We start off in the bathroom as usual with a few innocent questions as Tiffany applies her make up. When she goes on and on about how much she loves giving head (she calls it 'an art') I have her get to her knees and prove it. Wow, does she. Pay attention to her technique, it's really hot - she leans in, spits on the head of my dick and then sucks it off. Damn. Even when I try to choke her with my cock, she takes every inch like a champ. Not to be missed. Before I even get Tiffany out of the bathroom and to the real interview, she has two amazing orgasms.

We make our way to the bedroom and get Tiffany settled in a cute knit dress that shows off her hard nips. We have a graphic conversation about her sexual history and when she explains that she likes to finger herself while a guy shoots a load in her mouth, I'm sold and want to get her naked again. After I finger her to get her to relax, I have her wrapping her thighs around a huge, blue double headed vibrator and soon her eyes are rolling back in her head as she achieves orgasm after orgasm (at least 3 from the toy, including one with anal play.) Eventually she's finally spent, so I have her drop to her knees for one of the best BJ scenes I've ever shot. She starts off slowly and works up to some really solid deep throating. When she sucks my dick while she fingers her pussy with her other hand, I can hardly take it and have to fuck her. She's more than ready to go and I try a few positions including pulling her hands behind her back and drilling her like a Texas oilman which gets her off to yet another real, gasping, eye rolling orgasm.

Tiffany is a great girl, she's shy and nervous at first but is a sexual dynamo once I get her relaxed and in the end turns out to be one of my favorite girls. And not just because she confesses that nobody has ever fucked her as good in her entire life.


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Syra :: School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Year: Junior Age: 18 Height: 5'7 Figure: 32A-18-24 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .wmv 166 MB 00:14:09

Okay so look at Syra here. Now, whatever concept you might have about her you can probably throw out of the window. If you're like me - and since you are here, you are - you'll be surprised to find out that this classy, rather demure-looking hottie is probably one of the most conservative and shy - and sexually inept - girls to grace ECG in a long time. I'll tell you in a minute why I think you won't ever see her on another site again, but first...

I pick Syra up from the airport. Coming from Las Vegas I figure this girl is going to be all sorts of wild and crazy, right? From her little snapshots she had sent me a few days earlier I already knew how she looks and I liked what I saw. Turns out she is from a very religious and conservative family, she was born in Mexico but moved to Las Vegas when she was young. She still has a hint of an accent, which is quite sexy to me. So she gets in my car...and within about two minutes I know this girl shouldn't be here. At all. Syra is the type of girl who lives on nothing but her looks because, frankly, she doesn't have the personality or brains to make it in the world otherwise. I guess someone so ridiculously hot can get away with it for a while. That's fine but the problem with that is that when you're that hot, you gotta use it to your advantage. Syra doesn't. She is painfully unaware of how the outside world is drawn to her. You'll see what I mean by her totally out-of-touch looks on the face when we do the pictures and the video later. She doesn't pose, doesn't do anything most of the other girlies do when they have a camera in front of their faces. She is more fascinated by seeing herself get fucked in the hotel room mirror. If she were to walk around with a caption over her head it would read "Huh? Oh Okay. Wait, what?".

But then again, this also means I get to "help" Syra along with her sexual development. Unfortunately this means a lot of work on my part today...You already know that when I get girls in my car one of the first things I do is have them take off their tops. I like a little bit of hesitation and nervousness as they answer my questions, titties out in the car and everything. But holy shit, trying to just get Syra to take off her top is like pulling teeth. She comes up with every excuse in the book, but I'm stubborn today. One of her excuses is that some family members live in town and she actually thinks somehow they are going to see her get nasty with a stranger in the car. She says she's "not that kind of girl" and blah blah blah. But I don't want to hear it. If she's not going to do what I want, she can just walk back to the airport, you know? I think the only reason she finally removes her top and bra is to shut me up. Good. Considering how hard it is to just get her to flash boob, I'm actually shocked how "easy" it is to get her to suck me in the car. I believe her when she says she's never done that before. Like so many things, as it turns out...

Occasionally I like to doll up my little whores, so earlier today I decided to have Syra's makeup done by a pro. When she gets back in my car, looking like she was practically raised to suck my cock, I can't think of anything else. I must have her mouth on me. Right now. I blatantly tell her that I always get the girls to give me head while I'm driving and she's gotta do it to push herself a little. After some failed bargaining on her part she finally relents and, after looking around as if a cop or her cousin are going to pull up to us any moment, she starts sucking on me. She is not vicious or bitchy about any of this and I think she was just waiting for the right guy to push her buttons a little. Right there I find out she's not sucked many cocks before. I have to coach her how to suck cock properly and despite not being the brightest cloth in the drawer, she learns fairly fast. I really thought someone looking like Syra would have banged a small army before, but no. Apparently she wasn't lying when she wrote that she's focused on school and "not getting in trubble" (sic!) in her initial email to me. She is visibly relieved when we finally pull up to the hotel. The worst is over, she thinks. But as you know, this is only the beginning...

Doing the still photos with her is just aweful. I give the same instructions as usual but Syra just doesn't get it. She has this 'deer in the headlights'- look on her face half the time, and I can practically hear the gears in her brain move as she tries to follow the most simple posing instructions. Oh this is gonna be fun, I'm thinking. How can someone that hot not have posed for photos before??!! I'll spare you the details.

I'd love to tell you that Syra turns into this ultra-horny super whore the minute we start the video, but that's not the case. She's the same ditz as before, only now I'm so hard for her that I don't care anymore. I give it one more try and hope that my pussy licking magic gets her out of her shell. Surprisingly, it does, at least a little. She enjoys having her pussy licked and fingered, and even squirms and moans a bit when I tongue her perfect little ass a bit. Since she has zero ability to act (which is actually a good thing), you can tell from her facial expressions when she's enjoying it and when not. Pussy licking, yes. Being spread and gaped...not so much. After getting her moderately wet and horny it's time for her to show me what she's learned about sucking rod in the car. She does a lot better this time around, but once again you could watch those figurative wheels spin in her head as she's trying to give a good blowjob and not mess up this apparently difficult task.

Despite all that it's quite the joy to watch her pretty face bob up and down on the cock. I fuck her doggy style right after that, and while she is trying to figure out if this is the greatest or the worst thing she's ever done, I have to concentrate not to blow my load in her pussy too soon several times. Especially when I make her spread her ass cheeks wide. I swear there was a point when I thought I'll inseminate this girl at any moment. Syra is a quiet lay. There's no screaming, fake or otherwise, which is kinda nice actually. She keeps looking into the camera (actually, the monitor, which I flip around so she can watch herself get fucked) and the hotel room mirrors. She's apparently never seen herself have sex before. She is particularly fascinated watching herself ride me cowgirl style. I'm just trying not to blow early watching that ass bounce up and down on me, Syra on the other hand apparently is figuring out if her hair looks in place.

She insists that she doesn't want me to cum on her face. Fuck that. As she pleads not to give her a facial I'm already cumming - straight on her face, in her mouth, and on her hair. She begs me to let her clean up, trying not to talk and get any cum in her mouth. I tell her she's got to swallow. That does not go over well with her. Does she swallow my cum? See for yourself...
Okay, running out of space here so...yeah, Syra. Jeebus have mercy on her soul. I shudder to think of her future. Rocket scientist is off the table. So is waiting tables. Given the fact that she is about as daring and adventurous as a block of cheese, I'm thinking pornstar is out of the question too. But she's the "easy money" type. And she'll need lots of it to keep looking like that. Maybe she could become an escort? Nah, requires to think. Hell who knows...maybe you'll see her walking the streets of Las Vegas one of these days. When you see her don't think she is too hot to be a $50 street hooker. It's probably the only thing she was able to manage intellectually.


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April 2 :: School: Arizona State University Year: Junior Age: 19 Height: 5'7 Figure: 34C-24-34 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 97 MB 00:14:15

In the mood for a sexy, busty, young Latina today? Well, right along here, kind Sir. You're welcome. 19 year old April is a late bloomer, having only lost her virginity at 18 due to her ultra strict parents' constant interference. Now that she is legal (and away from home), April decided to not only explore her sexuality but do so in the most public manner possible: shoot porn with a stranger. I'm the first one bestowed this honor but I have a feeling April isn't done doing the nasty on camera - she's just too hot not to do porn, she likes to be treated like a princess (her words, not mine) and lives for the attention. Plus she gets to be naughty and give her parents the middle finger, so that's a plus.

We do a quick Q 'n A while April picks out her outfit for the shoot, and she reveals the kinky stuff she likes. Let's just say for that a girl who just started to have sex, there's some crazy things she's into. We then go straight into doing the still photos. You can tell she's pretty nervous and a bit awkward at first, but she tries her best to smile and look hot while I have her pose, spread, and demonstrate that crazy hot legs-behind-her-head thing she's so proud of. April's look, skin tone, that hint of a sexy accent...everything about her is a huge turn-on but I manage to keep it together until I get her on the bed and we begin the video.

Now I get to unwrap, touch, and explore April's great tits and shaved pussy in detail and as I get close I notice this chick even smells good. It's not fragrance either, her pussy emits a sweet smell that makes me want to dive in and lick my way deep inside her. And so I do. April likes it but I can't seem to get her over the edge to cum yet...until I start licking her ass. Boom! April starts squirming and tells me she likes that. A lot. I hold a vibrator to her clit while licking her ass and April has a body-shaking orgasm (watch April cum from all three camera angles, back to back). So that's one. While she recuperates I grab more toys from my arsenal in hopes of getting our Latina babe off one more time. The first one doesn't do it for her but when I grab the Rabbit vibrator, April's face lights up. Oh yeah, our girl likes to masturbate (usually with just fingers though) and she's familiar with the Rabbit. Can I get her to orgasm one more time? Watch and find out.

April is still playing with herself as I get the cameras ready for the next segment: It's blowjob time, and let me tell you, April's eyes on you while she has your cock in her mouth is something for the memoirs. Being so new to sexual things, April isn't into the gagging (I tried) or anything crazy, but that's okay. I'm not going to push her too hard because I secretly hope I get her to come back one day. Maybe for some assfuckin', or a threesome. I bang our Latina while she's on all fours, and while she tries to put on a show for the cameras and look in control, it's clear she's having a good time too. If it's not clear, it will be when I pull out of her and hold my camera to her girl-juice soaked pussy. Good times.

Since I made April cum by licking her ass, I ask her to return the favor. So for those who don't like watching girls give rimjobs, be warned. Because April does it. Really, really well. Without questioning, and just a brief moment of hesitation. What a dirty, dirty girl April is. So dirty that she takes a shower after she made me cum. April showers. (LOL! get it?). Okay, another first-timer I'm sure will go on to do great things, either on camera, or with a lucky boyfriend (currently she's single, gentlemen...) at home. I don't know how I got to be so lucky but I'm not complaining. Neither will you when you watch April's video.

Summer :: School: San Diego State University Year: Junior Age: 18 Height: 5'0 Figure: 32C-22-32 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .mp4 113 MB 00:13:56

Stop. I know what you're thinking. And until I talked to Summer on the phone I thought the same thing after looking at the pics she sent in for my consideration. Wallflower, right? But 18 year old college junior Summer is super sweet, shy at first...and BAT SHIT INSANE. If you know of a girl more enthusiastic about cock than this one, you let me know.

My buddy Jay tags along with me again to pick up Summer from the airport. The boy is hooked on the porn life now I think. LOVES the pussy like I do. And pussy loves him. Magic! Anyhow, at first it's like pulling teeth getting anything out of Summer. She's not the brightest crayon in the box (Me: "So you're from San Diego...are you a native?"; Summer, in all seriousness: "Native American?"). Her answers consist mostly of smiling and staring at us with those big eyes, like she just got lost at the mall. Or the candy store, rather, because she's not exactly unhappy to be here. You know the first thing she said to me on the phone a few days earlier? "I'm great at giving head and I can deep throat!". I'm not kidding. Since the convesation in the car is going nowhere I remind her of what she said to me and have her prove her claim on Jay. Her eyes light up like she was just told she won the lottery, and she eagerly goes down and starts blowing Jay on the backseat. Summer was not lying, the girl can deep throat like a fricken pornstar. It's weird to watch it from my position (driving). She just turned 18, clearly hasn't been the sex symbol of her High School graduation class, and there she is sucking off Jay's enormous dick like she's been practicing this for years. Turns out she has. Jay is totally in awe. I'm just shocked and try not to crash the car while I'm filming at the same time.

Okay, at this point we're at the hotel and Summer picks out her clothes. She actually wears those college girl plaid skirt things I thought were only used in cheesy coed porn videos. Turns out those do exist. Go figure. She puts on some weird thigh-high socks that don't match, and her look is complete. Jay can't wait to let Summer finish what she started so I just let him run with it. When Summer tells him that she gets off masturbating with the Rabbit vibrator (she calls it "The Bunny") he happily pulls one out from my toy arsenal. Easy pickins, he thinks. Summer's face lights up again (get used to that...) and she positions herself to get fucked by the vibrator. And fuck herself with it. Great Scott, this girl is orgasmic. She makes those intense facial expressions when she's cumming and you can tell this girl is both crazy and super sexual. But that's nothing compared to what follows next.
Jay doesn't think she could do any better at giving head than she did in the car. Summer, out to prove herself to the world, then gives Jay the blowjob of a lifetime. Deep throating, her eyes fixated on him (well, the POV cam actually. So she's looking at you!...), sloppy, wet, spit, the whole nine yards. Unbelievable. I'm totally envious at this point but I let those two have their fun and just kick back, occassionally grabbing a camera to get some great angles for you.

Then without prompting, Summer turns around and sticks out her ass. She wants to get fucked. Now. Jay takes her doggy style and 5-foot tiny Summer practically explodes getting thrusted so hard by Jay. Again, priceless facial expressions. She's so into it that she doesn't hear Jay asking her to lie down on her back so he can fuck her that way. A slight smack on her ass and Summer snaps out of it and gets moving. And NOW you'll get to see what's probably the most enthusiastic fuck session of the year. The thumbnail pics here don't do her enthusiasm justice. Summer is absolutely crazy about Jay fucking her. She loves his cock, loves being the center of attention, and loves cumming with a stranger far away from home. At one point, while Summer is on top, she starts kissing Jay and her eyes roll back as she has another orgasm. I don't recall ever watching a girl enjoy fucking so much.

Summer keeps her enthusiasm for sex all throughout the fuck session. There isn't a position she doesn't get off in. When Jay unloads a week's worth of pent-up cum on her face and in her mouth, Summer goes nuts and tries to catch the flying jizz with her mouth, and kisses and sucks on Jay's thigh while he cums. Seriously, be prepared to be surprised by Summer. This young lady is intense, insane, and insatiable. After this I'm not sure Jay will ever want to leave my side. Fine by me, the girls love him and fuck him accordingly.

Bailey :: School: University of Arizona Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'4 Figure: 34B-28-32 EyeColor: Hazel or Green (You decide)

View Trailer - .wmv 90 MB 00:06:18

Bailey needs your help. She doesn't have a pet name for her pussy yet but really wants one, as she mentions in the BTS video. So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a name for Bailey's snatch. Send your suggestions in at the contact link at the bottom of this page so that Bailey can choose the best one. She also thinks her eye color is green-ish but everyone else says hazel, which she doesn't like. Let her know what you think.

After having had so much fun during her first shoot I invited U of A freshman Bailey back - this time get ass fucked on film. Bailey interrupted her annual family visit to California and flew in for the day. I'm sure mom would be so proud if she knew her daughter is leaving her to get boned in the ass on camera. Since I already know she's up for anything I have Bailey give me a quick suck and fuck job at the airport parking lot before I make her get topless in the car. I have her first scene saved on my laptop and since she only got to check out a few minutes of it I have her watch it on the way to my place. She loves watching herself suck and fuck on video and she continues watching the rest when we arrive at the house. As she gets more and more aroused watching the video on the laptop I decide to jump in and have some fun too - I lick Bailey's pussy and fuck her as she's eyeballing herself getting deep throated and exploited on video. After getting her close to cumming I let her play with herself while she continues watching her movie. I give her the Rabbit, her favorite vibrator, to speed up the process a bit. Bailey is so hot squirming around in her seat trying to get off, I just have to have her suck me off some more. Right before I think she is about to cum again I stop, make her get on her knees, and lick her asshole (already soaked with her pussy juices) while she watches herself giving me a rimjob in the video. After some more toy action and fucking I think it's about time to get the still photos out of the way, and then finally go upstairs so I can fuck that little ass of hers. I've been waiting for this since the first time I've met Bailey so you can imagine I'm not all too easy on her when it's finally my turn to make that ass of hers mine.
I loosen up her butt hole a little, first with fingers and then with my double trouble toy. A bit of anal lube and I think Bailey's ready to go. I should have probably spent a little more time stretching out her ass (she does not do anal on a regular basis and this is her first - and probably last - time getting ass fucked on video) because when I shove my cock in her I can tell it's a little more painful than she had expected. I try to ease it in but frankly Bailey has this magic over me to where I cannot contain myself and just want to fuck the shit out of her. But trying to be a nice guy (LOL) I let her have a vibrator so she can play with her clit while I fuck her ass.

Her ass is so tight it's hard to not shoot my load right away. But I persist and fuck her ass while she's lying on her back, then take her doggy style. And don't think I forget about you Ass-to-Mouth fans either - after banging Bailey's ass while she's on her knees I pull out and make her lick and suck her own juices off my cock. ATM at its finest.

When I make Bailey get on her belly and fuck her ass from the top she's near tears but somehow she somewhat regains composure, although it's still clear this position is a bit much, even for her. She actually does enjoy what comes next though: Bailey on top, cock in her ass, and riding me hard. She still has her vibrator work on her clit so I'm sure that helps.

Since Bailey did such a great job licking my ass during her first Scene I have her do it again, and this time I make her rim me out deep and slow until I shoot my cum straight in her mouth. I have her dribble the jizz out nice and slow, then lick it up again.
I take some quick pics of and then it's time for a shower for me while Bailey takes one of the cameras and does some of the cutest shit you'll ever see in a porno. Let's just say Bailey really loves you and enjoys sharing herself with you. Nuff said, check it out.

I promised Bailey I'd buy her the Rabbit since she loves it so much so we stop by at the porn store and pick one up. Her mom is waiting for her back in Cali so we hurry up to get to the airport. I wonder how she'll explain that new vibrator she's got stuck in her carry-on to airport security...and mom!...


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Shay :: School: Arizona State University Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'7 Figure: 36B-28-32 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 85 MB 00:12:26

So this is what happens when a young lingerie model, who is so busy that she hasn't even started college yet, decides to shoot her first porn movie. Instead of the usual glitzy photo studio, 18 year old Shay finds herself in a cramped hotel bathroom, putting on her makeup while this stranger with a camcorder asks her questions. The kind of questions they don't usually ask on photo shoots, like when she lost her virginity. She hasn't had a lot of different guys in her life and we'll soon see how that affects her sexual know-how. The most interesting tidbit we learn when Shay reveals that she has never masturbated with sex toys before. In fact she claims to almost play with herself. So of course that's on Jay's priority list now. After exploring her fine ass a little, Jay gets her to remove her top. Her perky tits feel perfect but more importantly this little "invasion" sends a signal to Shay that this isn't going to be an ordinary day. Her life is about to change forever. Shay knows today will be about sex, but to what extent she has no idea yet.

But before anything can happen, Shay needs some serious relaxing time. The girl is pretty nervous and tense about doing her first porno shoot. She picks out her outfit (not that it matters 'cuz it comes off in about 2 seconds...) and is told to sit down on the bed for some more talk and boob grabbing. The girl is ridiculously hot and Jay can't wait to play with her pussy and eat her out. I'd like to say that she immediately has some mind blowing orgasms but that's not the case yet. Shay is still too tense to fully enjoy herself, but it's clear from her facial expressions that she wants to cum, but doesn't allow herself to do so. Shay keeps biting her lips, either when she tries not to cum, or when she isn't sure what's going to happen next. Both happens frequently. She is inexperienced with all this and it shows - and we love it!

Then it's toys time. Remember she's never had a vibrator in her pussy so she is understandably nervous. After a little while, her eyes glaze over a few times and it looks like she has a subtle orgasm. Her pussy is soaking wet and quivers afterward, always a good sign. Time to see how she looks like with Jay's big cock in her mouth. If you squint a little during the POV you can almost imagine a young Eva Longoria sucking your cock. She gives a slow and sensual blowjob, and doesn't like it when Jay attempts to deepthroat her. He tries some other more hardcore stuff but Shay isn't ready for that yet. Okay, she's 18 and it's her first time so we take what we can get. Her big eyes on you with that cock in her mouth is enough to make you blow your load over and over again anyway so it's all good. But we do want a little adventure with her and push her boundaries, so after having Shay ride his cock (cowgirl and reverse cowgirl), our stud has her get off him and suck off her own juices from his cock. Surprisingly she does as she's told without protesting. And she's quite excited about what comes next: the two go to the other room where a comfy chair is waiting for Shay to straddle herself on so that she can get fucked doggy style. Jay takes it slow at first but resorts to some hair pulling (many girls love this) and he again makes her taste herself. Again we see a mixture of enjoyment and "what the hell am I doing?" on Shay's face. This doesn't change when Jay fucks her on the desk (!) although by now she is relaxed enough to enjoy herself a little more. But then the one thing happens that will practically guarantee that you'll never see her in a porn movie again: the cumshot. Jay claims that he "doesn't cum all that much", so when he unloads a gallon worth of sperm over Shay's face, hair, eyes, nose and mouth, the girl almost has a panic attack. She fidgets and jerks her arms around hoping to get a towel or something to wipe her cum covered face immediately. Unfortunately for her, we like to take pictures of pretty faces covered with jizz so Shay needs to endure a few more minutes with that sticky stuff on her. As soon as that's over she runs to the bathroom and tries to remove every trace of Jay's baby batter from her face. She is in no mood to chat or joke around at this point and just wants this to be over with. Too bad, really. Shay is a gorgeous girl but unless she gets a lot more comfortable with all things sex, and especially cum, porn isn't in her future. There are always those lingerie modeling jobs...if she can still get them now. I somehow doubt that.

Bee :: School: Cal State, Northridge Year: Freshman Age: 19 Height: 5'0 Figure: 32-18-30 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 98 MB 00:11:25

When Bee says she's up for anything, she means it. Example? 15 minutes after we meet I'm balls deep in her in a sub shop bathroom. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. 19 year old Bee is a southern California girl who proudly announces her heritage as 'Mexican'. When you hear her vata accent it means one of two things: she was an extra on The Shield or she's East LA born and raised. When I quiz her about her likes and dislikes she shortcuts me by saying she's just, "All about fun." What a too. We talk about her likes and dislikes and try as I might I can't stump her. She seems to like everything: toys, girls, vibrators, slutty one night stands, choking, slapping...I'm tempted to ask her if she's into Cleveland Steamers to try to trip her up. But if you watch the whole video, you'll see she wasn't lying - she's ALL about fun.

She mentions that she's hungry and I offer to stop on the way to the shoot, but I promise she'll be earning her meal. Bee readily agrees and we pull over to hit up the nearest value meal. On the way back to the car I remind her that she has to earn it and we detour to the bathroom where I have her drop to her knees and suck my cock. She doesn't blink an eye and is popping my dick in and out of her mouth like a lollipop in no time flat. I try to get her to deep throat but she's too shy and the best I get is some serious deep mouth, but her skills are tight and in no time I'm rock hard and dying to stick my cock in something else. Bee agrees and I'm pounding her from behind and trying to keep her quiet while I hit it nice and deep.

We can't film the whole whole thing in the bathroom of a sub shop, so we get back to the car and move along to the studio. During our talk Bee tells me that it's not easy to make her cum and because of that the most times she's ever orgasmed in a day is 2 or 3. To this I think, "Challenge Accepted!" After she describes what makes her feel best (vibrations and penetration) I know what I'll need to do to get her off. Granted it might require everything in the ECG sex toy locker, but it's fuckin' on. This is where the patent pending Exploited College Girls split screen o-face angle comes in handy - you can watch Bee's face as she cums and you can watch how I make it happen with a lubed up Rabbit and vibrator in her perfect pussy. Now I know all pussy is pretty damn nice, but Bee's pussy? Perfect, if there was a XXX dictionary and you looked up pussy, you'd find a picture of Bee's perfect snatch. After she gets hers I want some so I have her drop to her knees and suck on my cock. The more she relaxes into it the more I want to face fuck her but I can't manage to get the whole thing in there no matter how hard I try. Heh…hard. I even flip her over and have her hang her head off the bed and try to take it all but it's futile, I can't get her to relax her throat enough to get it in there.

After the orgasm I gave her I know her pussy is relaxed so I have her get propped up on her back and I slip her my cock as hard as I can. You can tell from the noises she makes that she loves it but I can't get her over the edge. I'm pounding her hard, her tithes are bouncing and she's into it but I can't get her there. I remember what we talked about and I hand her the vibrator and have her hold it on her clit while I fuck her. That seems to do it, she's screaming at the top of her lungs as I drill her.
I finish her off with a classic ECG shotgun cumshot to the face. You have got to watch the look on her face as I land the first two spurts like a sniper, right down her throat. I always have distance and volume but I rarely have this kind of perfect aim and she gets a mouthful of the sticky stuff. This is probably the best cumshot I've ever filmed. Ever.


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Rhianna :: School: Penn State University Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'4 Figure: 34B-26-30 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .wmv 126 MB 00:09:48

So some of you were like "hey Steve, invite a black girl to ECG sometime" but the problem was that there simply aren't a lot of African-American college girls willing to do porn. It seems like a cultural thing, spoiled white suburban brats think fucking a stranger on camera is the new cool, but black girls just don't seem to go for it. That is until I finally got a hold of Rhianna! You'll be blown away (hehe) as I was when you see her. Rhianna is from a well-off family and attends Penn State (that's in the State of Pennsylvania for my brothers outside of the US) and half African-American, and half Mexican. Chris Rock refers to that as "Blaxican". I call it a fucking hot and rare exotic mix of great skin and attitude.

Rhianna is cute as a button. Well spoken, pretty sharp for her age, and - thank goodness! - does absolutely everything I want her to. Getting slapped and choked while being fucked? No problem for her, Rhianna is into rough sex. Licking my ass till I'm about to cum? Sure thing!

I was so excited to do the nasty with Rhianna that I totally forgot to let the cameras rolling when I took the photos and before we started the actual shoot so there's no Behind the Scenes on this one. Sorry. But the full movie more than makes up for it - it's fucking hot, brothers, and you'll love watching our seemingly wholesome flower turn into dark nubile fuckmeat that gets treated like the rest of those little college sluts who make the mistake of replying to my "models wanted" ad.


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Pam :: School: UT Southwestern Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'4 Figure: 32B-28-32 EyeColor: Brown

View Trailer - .mp4 112 MB 00:11:37

You know you're being too loud during sex when the hotel's cleaning lady "accidentally" walks in on you. Yeah, that happened. Jay and Pam are getting it on, and all of a sudden the door opens up and the maid walks in. No knocking, no "hello, housekeeping!", no nothing. But you can hear the woman talk to someone outside the room for several minutes before that happened, and Pam doesn't exactly stay quiet when she rides Jay's cock, so there's no way the maid didn't know what was going on. Looks like Pam needs to tone it the fuck down when she's getting banged. Or the maid needs a membership to Exploited College Girls.

So, about Pam. CUTE! Obviously. She's a freshman at UT Southwestern, which either means she's wicked smart or has rich parents. She denies the latter so it's gotta be the former. She does seems a little brighter than most of her peers, but that doesn't mean much these days. UTS is pricey and one great way to come up with the tuition money without becoming a slave to student loan repayments for the rest of a girl's life is to dabble in porn. First off let me say that Pam isn't the typical porn girl type. She's too shy, too inexperienced, and too wholesome to be the next Jenna Haze. In fact I'm a little shocked she showed up today for this at all. But I can see her go on to do more shoots in the future just for the money. Except, having her face and hair covered in cum at the end of today might have been enough for her to swear off porn forever. She really hated that. But we'll see.

Jay picks Pam up from the airport. After the usual chit chat he gets her to show us her puffy nipples while they're driving to the hotel. She isn't overly shy about that but clearly it's also not something she does every day on her way to school. Time to push her comfort zone a little bit. A few more interview questions and then *BLAM!* - Jay asks her if she's ever given roadhead. By that time you've already figured out she's not the ultra slutty type so not surprisingly the answer is 'no'. 30 seconds later, Pam gobbles down on Jay's cock while he's driving. And frankly when she sucks him off it looks like she's never given a blowjob before. Which kinda makes this even hotter. Did we just get a girl that hasn't been sucking cock like a whore since High School? Apparently. It only gets better though.

I think one of my favorite parts about today's shoot is that Pam doesn't look or act like a pro at anything she does, and I mean that as a compliment. She loves some of the stuff Jay does to her, but when she doesn't, you'll know it. When she gets tired, you'll know it. When she's about to cum, you'll know it. She's adorably unaware of which camera to look into (but fear not, Jay places the cameras so that you get to see her face at all times, regardless of what she does), and she spends a lot of her mental energy just trying to figure out how to handle that big cock properly. And she succeeds for the most part, I must say. Let me know what you think of Pam or if you ever see her anywhere else in the future. Because she really shouldn't be doing this type of work and if she does...well, let's hope she learned some things during today's session. Note to Pam: if you want to keep doing porn, you might want to change your name to something less...uh...ambiguous. Just sayin'.

Chelsea :: School: San Diego State University Year: Junior Age: 18 Height: 5'5 Figure: 32B-24-34 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .mp4 119 MB 00:12:50

NO! NO! An angel like this should NOT be doing porn. Ever! But since Chelsea decided to go for it anyways (just broke up with her boyfriend so...), I will do my dirty duty and do my best to really make her wish she'd never even thought about doing this. Okay, I can't do that. I mean, look at her! Chelsea is a (up till today) wholesome, all-American girl. She doesn't even pretend to be into other girls, she doesn't do drugs or other stupid shit, and has only had five men in her life. Well, make that six as of today. She's about the furthest thing from a slut or a porn whore as you can imagine - and yet here she is. She can actually string words together to form sentences that make sense! Imagine that!

Obviously she has never had sex on camera, for money or otherwise. And I actually believe her. What a nugget I've found there.
She is so genuinely happy and smiley the entire time that I have to summon all my evil internal spirits to do what I usually do. But once my mind gets there, oh boy...I love making girls cum. Fucking love it. Chelsea cums easily and there's so much pussy cum on me after a few of her orgasms I wonder if she is even aware of how truly orgasmic she is. Speaking of cumming, our little blonde, blue-eyed SDSU cutie enjoys having her ass licked even though you can tell she feels quite naughty for even just enjoying this. That's not the only thing she discovers about herself today. Surprisingly, Chelsea doesn't shy away from even my most hardcore antics (yes, she does THAT for me too), but it's clear a lot of this stuff we're doing is new to her. She's an eager little learner though and just like with her school work, she puts her entire being into this shoot. She is in the moment at all times, trying to figure out if she likes something or not. She doesn't complain if she's not into it, although there are a few moments that are just a bit too extreme for her. At least there aren't any tears. At least not many.

There are some fun revelations, espcially at the end when I drive her to the airport. Let's just say she's in a unique living situation, and she really doesn't understand the gravity of what she has just done... Chelsea is one in a million, brothers. Girls like her are the reason I started this site. Pure magic, I tell you.

Nica :: School: Virginia Tech Year: Sophomore Age: 20 Height: 5'2 Figure: 32B-28-32 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .mp4 138 MB 00:14:53

How to make a college girl melt in three simple steps: One, get her comfortable and make her laugh. Our 20 year old Nica has a blast getting her picture taken, and Jay's smooth advances and touches throughout heighten her anticipation. She craves the attention and loves feeling like a star for the moment. Two, let her talk about herself and steer the conversation towards sex but without sounding like a pervert college kid. During the interview Nica talks about her first time, her High School sex experiences, likes and dislikes, and what gets her off. Pay attention and remember the last part. Third, make her cum and enjoy herself to the point that she's BEGGING for your cock. Soon Nica is putty in his hands. Done. Owned.

Just about the perfect situation here with Nica: a pretty girl who has no intentions of becoming a pornstar and just loves sex for what it is, and doesn't fake anything for the cameras. Not sure how Jay does it but yet again he gets our first timer to orgasm again and again with his magic. Nica is surprised when he makes her cum for the first time just by rubbing and fingering her. Add a vibrator to the mix and the fun keeps going. Jay keeps focused on her clit at all times, even when he fucks her, and that just pushes the girl over the edge every time. I can practically see her fall in love with the guy with every orgasm he gives her. You'll see what I mean. Definitely a connection there. There's lots of hot flirting and sex talk throughout the entire shoot. This stuff is real, and I love it. So will you.

Nica is somewhat of a late bloomer sexually but now she's making up for it with a vengeance. Actually, that's not quite true because she has been dishing out blowjobs and let herself get eaten out since she was in High School. "Virgin Slut" she was called then. But no cock was allowed to actually enter her pussy until just recently. She may be enrolled at nerd haven Virginia Tech but, like Nica says, girls there often are just as horny and slutty as at any other college. And she proves the point. Judging by the video and from what Jay tells me, Nica is a great lay, but really what gets me going is how "in the moment" she is at all times. She is really into the whole thing and that just makes it so much better, doesn't it?

Other highlights: Jay's insanely large cum shot covers Nica's entire face and she doesn't complain about it. That alone makes her tops in my book. Before that, as I mentioned, we get to watch her cum about a million times, and she gives head with lots of eye contact (you'll love the POV). After the cum facial Nica wipes some of the remaining sperm off her face and rubs it around her pussy to masturbate with it. Natural lube, ya know? LOL. Really, the whole thing was absolutely brilliant to watch so that's why Nica's video is an hour and a half long. You won't mind or notice, I promise.


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Claire :: School: High School Year: Senior Age: 18 Height: 5'3 Figure: 30-22-30 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 217 MB 00:14:10

You'll probably notice that on Claire's titles it doesn't list a university. That's because Claire is a senior in high school, and like all 18 year olds is great at making decisions and planning ahead, in this case choosing her first grown up job as a co-star in a little internet porn. Fortunately for us it looks like Claire got an A in Sex Ed.

If there is a better example of the word 'spinner' I don't think I've ever seen it. Claire is probably 90 pounds soaking wet (and trust me, she gets soaking wet in today's shoot - Claire is a squirter!) with some little A cups that fit her frame perfectly and a really great little body, she's very hot. The reason she's joining me today is the one I love the most - she just loves sex. The fact is, the best updates I shoot for ECG are always girls who forget about performing and just lose themselves in the session. Claire is definitely one of those.

When I get her settled in makeup and a cute outfit, she gives us a little insight into the sex life of an 18 year old. Aside from the endless giggling it's actually surprisingly wild for a girl who was a virgin as recently as the last Breaking Bad season. We'll find out before this session is over that Claire is full of surprises. The first one is when she hops up to strip: her pussy is so wet that she's left a wet spot in her panties and on the bed. I have her grab her legs and spread for me and sure enough, her pussy is soaked. She mentioned that she loves G-spot stimulation and she was definitely not lying. I slip a finger in her and she lights up, within a minute or two she's already orgasming and before long she busts out 2-3 more. I grab a toy and her enthusiasm for it is just off the charts. I'd say she's as giddy as a schoolgirl...but...yeah. Between the toy, the pocket vibe, my fingers and some anal beads (!), Claire orgasms at least 4 or 5 times. That's also when she squirts for the first time.

The next surprise is when I have her drop to her knees to suck my cock. She just goes crazy for it. Between licks and sucks she moans, "Oooh, I love this cock." Wow, what a girl. After a fantastic BJ and some asslicking, she lets me fuck her in every possible position and in every one of them she orgasms at least once. I even get a chance to put her ballet skills to use by fucking her standing up from the side, yet another ECG first. She shows me how I can make her squirt and sure enough, it works. Look closely and you'll see Claire's teen pussy shoot out girl cum again and again.

Before I splash Claire with her first facial we try to figure out how many times she came during our session, she says ten, but after re-watching the tape I counted 12 for sure, and possibly as many as 14. I have a huge load built up from fucking this prima ballerina and when I unload on her face she's smiling and giggling the whole time. I don't know if I've shot a girl this enthusiastic about every second of the shoot, ever. As you know I almost NEVER shoot the same girl twice, but if you liked Claire...stay tuned for more.

Monika :: School: Scottsdale Community College Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'4 Figure: 34DD-26-30 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 87 MB 00:10:04

Monika is already wet when we take the photos (look at the juice spot on her panties, and the pussy close-ups...). Taking a girl's pics often makes her feel desired and when Monika says she sometimes feels 'ugly' I know this hottie is going to appreciate the attention she'll be getting from her photos and videos here. She is a little nervous when we start the video - her first - in earnest. But that quickly subsides when the topic drifts to sexual things. "What's your favorite body part?" I ask and Monika sheepishly grabs my cock. I actually meant her body but I don't mind the confusion. Not surprisingly she answers her boobs are her favorite part on her and I can tell why. Her tits are fantastic. Large, all natural 34 DDs that bounce and sway whenever she moves (or gets fucked). I got my first peek at those funbags earlier when Monika got ready in the bathroom and we got the interview quesitons out of the way.

The minute I start unwrapping and touching her, Monika gets that look on her face that's a clear invite for sex, and anything that comes in between her getting fucked is nothing but an unwelcome distraction to her. Like talking. She must have been ovulating because most girls aren't usually that sensual this soon in the game otherwise: Just a few seconds of fingering Monika's sensitive clit and she's swooning, eyes closed, and her voice cracks a little when she answers my questions. Monika really wants it. Now. That's my cue to stop the yapping and start getting Monika in a comfortable position so she can cum. Hard. I'm thinking I'll have her use toys but she's already starting to masturbate on her own and lovin' it. So am I, our busty blonde is about to cum and all it takes is a bit of touching and fingering. She has a great orgasm, with her body squirming and shaking, and everything. You'll love it!

Sex with Monica is great, she enjoys it as much as I do and her pussy juice covering my cock as I fuck her is testimony to that. If you're a boobs man, you'll love watching her big tits bounce back and forth as she's getting it. Monika makes me cum with her oral skills, and then keeps on stroking my spent cock to squeeze out the last remaining drops of jizz while she watches me squirm. Her facial expressions tell us she lives to make men come and clearly enjoys the power she momentarily has when she makes us orgasm. And right after I'm done coming, Monika does one of the weirdest things in ECG history...

Cori :: School: University of Arizona Year: Sophomore Age: 20 Height: 5'6 Figure: 32-26-32 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .mp4 125 MB 00:12:37

That's one spunky redhead, our 20 year old Cori. Jumping up and down on the bed and goofing around like she owns the place. Yeah, she's comfortable with herself, alright. She's a lot of fun and open to to just about anything. She lets me examine her insanely goegous pussy and doesn't mind any of our advances. It's not until a little later until her boundaries get pushed too far. But it's kinda her fault. You'll see.

See, there's one problem with girls who think they need to prove their adventurousness to everyone. They push themselves to show off how nothing fazes them, until the point when it does. From Cori's total coolness about the whole thing you would think that she's basically a little college whore who fucks a fraternity for sport every night, but pay attention during the interview and it turns out Cori is actually surprisingly...ummm...innocent. Really, she's the type that teases and flirts, loves to show off her body, and makes you think she's practically sex on legs. But today is her day to prove herself, and put her money where her mouth is. Or Jay's cock, rather... and he is is adamant about finding out how hardcore Cori really is. There's some suprises in store for her. But first...

Jay starts his seduction slowly, taking time to let Cori talk about her naughty self, and get undressed. After a few minutes of exploring her ridiculously tight body, it's time to see how fast and how often Cori can cum. Jay's pussylicking magic helps, but the vibrator is what puts Cori over the edge and makes her cum so hard that her clit is too sensitive to touch. Now that Cori got off, it's time to step up the hardcore a bit. Cocksucking time.

It all goes very well, Cori enthusiastically sucks Jay's big 'un and he cheers her on to go deeper and deeper. Cori wants you to think of her as the ultimate porn goddess so she deepthroats herself. And then again. And again. She gags and spit and tears are beginning to show as she works Jay's cock down her throat several times. She just forgot about one thing: her gag reflex. Suddenly realizing she's pushed herself too far she asks if she could stop sucking for a moment so she can run to the bathroom.
But Cori isn't one to give up that easily. Somewhat recovered, she lies on her back and lets Jay shove his cock deep down her throat. She gags twice and tries for more, but her involuntary body movements push Jay's cock out of her throat so she can get air. And she keeps doing this despite the fact that she's clearly not the deepthroat queen she thinks she is. It gets pretty real LOL.
Okay, running out of space again here so...missionary rocked, doggy is exellent and makes her cum, she's crazy wild when she's on top (nice Picture-in-Picture action throughout the entire thing for ya) and then...oh yeah. The cumshot. Brother, if you love watching a girl's genuinely surprised reaction as she watches a guy spray a fountain (literally!) of cum all over the place, you can't miss this one. Cori finishes Jay off with a handjob and when he blows, her facial reactions are fucking priceless. Like she can't believe the amount and velocity of cum shooting out at her. She's shocked, fascinated, and delighted at once. (She's not so happy at first when Jay makes Cori lick the cum off his body, but she does it anyway because like most of these girls, she's got a little crush on the boy). You'll cum during the slow-motion when you can watch her facial reactions in detail and listen to what she says when he cums. It's just hot.

Okay, outta writing space now, so quit reading and get your jerk-on - Cori's video is ready for you to download and enjoy right now!


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Mira :: School: University of SoCal Year: Junior Age: 20 Height: 5'4 Figure: 32-26-32 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .mp4 128 MB 00:12:23

Today's college cutie is 20 year old Mira all the way from fancy pants USC. The action starts almost instantly because as Mira is fixing her make up, she makes the mistake of bragging about what a great little cocksucker she is. Lucky for y'all this is a boast that can easily be proven. I put her on the spot and demand that she drop to her knees and provide validation. Verdict: Myth = CONFIRMED.

You can tell by the noisy way she sucks and slurps on my dong that she loves cock. She jams it down her throat and gags herself with it and then pops it out of her lips with a smack. Where do we find these girls??? Oh, right, California. Anyway we'll never get this thing filmed if she doesn't finish her make up. So, reluctantly I let her up and let her get back to putting her face on. However, as I am lens-fucking her with the camera I decide to pull off her jeans and check out her cute little thong panties. I notice something, though: her thighs near her vag are suspiciously shiny. Is it possible that our little cocksucking session got her all wet and bothered? There's only one way to find out so I slide my hand between her legs. She admits that she's totally turned on and getting wet already. There's really only one thing that will do in a situation like this and it's my cock. I drop trow and pull her ass back and hit it from behind. I catch a few great views of Mira's fuck face in the mirror and you can tell she's into it. Anyway I pull my shiny dick away from her and let her get ready for the interview.

We get to talking and Mira reveals that when she goes out to party, she's an insatiable cocksucker, but kinda tame when it comes to sex: no three ways, no g-g action, just a close call with bondage where she kicked her bf's ass and a few outdoor escapades. Anyway, enough chit-chat, we've already seen how warmed up her snatch is and I'm itching to play with it, so I have her strip out of her skirt and her fun bow-tie panties. Sure enough, despite being momentarily distracted by her tight little asshole, I find that her pussy is glistening with wetness. So it's definitely on. I start off by fingering her cute pink pussy and she definitely responds, but before long she's begging for fingers and toys - this is a girl who knows how to cum. I bang her with a pink dildo and she stimulates her clit with a vibrator and in no time she achieves a shuddering orgasm that leaves her smiling and panting. Then another. Then another. She's clearly riding a wave.

All this stimulation has me rock hard and needing a face to fuck. Fortunately, Mira to the rescue. She hops up on the bed and demands to be fucked after all she reminds me, "I don't suck cock if I'm not gonna get fucked!" So she gets fucked. Hard and long. You know how we do it at the ECG. I know she likes it rough from our interview and a few slaps just get her wetter and more excited until she's so wet I have to flip her over and pin her down to get some friction. After that it's a blur of position while I punned her, she rides me, she gets herself off with a vibrator and so on until the big finish…in her willing mouth. There you go - one of the cutest little spinners in ECG history getting banged like a gong on Chinese new year.

Crystal :: School: Northern Arizona University Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'4 Figure: 32B-26-28 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .wmv 158 MB 00:08:03

Singer Chris Daughtry says "feelin' good don't never cost a thing" but let me tell you, that just ain't true when you do what I do. Not that I'm complaining: today, for example, I get to fuck Crystal in her tiny little ass and make her do all sorts of other dirty, dirty things in between. Afterwards I get to kick her out (at her clueless boyfriend's house, no less) and don't have to deal with all the drama ("Awwwww, my ass hurts so bad!!...")

You all remember those two latina girls Crystal and Jane. Today it's Crystal's turn to get all the attention - and a sore butt hole. You'll remember Crystal's weird shyness quirks, like not wanting to show off her titties but at the same time not having a problem sucking my cock in the car...or getting toys shoved in her ass for photos. It's all very endearing and hot though.
After thoroughly stretching her ass with toys and my cock for the still photos, I help Crystal to her first enema. That little adventure behind us, it's time for the real fun to begin...

Since it's all about the ass today I'm not wasting much time and quickly get Crystal out of her clothes and her ass in front of the lens. She's cool with all the touching and spreading and it helps that I talk to her about other stuff to help her relax a bit. And let's just say she, or rather her ass, really need to be relaxed. I have Crystal get me rock hard by sucking my cock, licking my balls, and finally eating my ass. She's so not wanting to do that last part at first but you know my methods and I don't take No for an answer. As a reward I return the favor and lick Crystal's ass, which she enjoys a lot more than she thinks she lets on.
But then it's time to destroy that little asshole of hers. I've been looking forward to this the entire week and when it's finally time to enter her naughty hole I hastily put some lube on and go for it. Maybe that's a bit too fast for her, I can sense Crystal zoning out so the initial pain doesn't cause her pretty face to grimace up (gotta look cute on camera while getting fucked, right, Crystal? LOL) but she's clearly not a fan of having her ass fucked. At least at first because the longer I pound her ass the more she appears to actually get into it. But by the time I have her on her knees and fuck her doggy style it's getting a bit much for her again.

Perfect timing because banging Crystal's tight ass makes me want to cum really fucking bad. Time to switch to something different and calm down a bit. I figured I hadn't gotten a handjob in like forever so I have Crystal do that. Since by now she's cool with doing anything I want, I switch off between having her suck my cock, jerk me off, and lick my ass more. She's doing such a great job at it I decide I want to cum while Crystal is jacking me off some more. Crystal jerks faster and faster at just the right spot and BOOM I shoot my cum load about 8 feet across the room. I am not kidding you. Crystal thinks it's hilarious and she keeps finding more jizz droplets in the room. She should be proud of herself because that much force during cumming is rare even for me.

Whenever Crystal is in Phoenix she stays with her boyfriend so I drive her to his place after we're done. She is revealing some interesting tidbits about herself (you won't believe her career choice when you hear it!) and it seems she's pretty cool with what just happened. I just hope she takes a shower before her boyfriend takes back those damaged goods tonight. I wonder what he'll think when she says no to his request for some anal action...


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Mariah :: School: University of New Mexico Year: Junior Age: 21 Height: 5'7 Figure: 32-22-32 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .mp4 141 MB 00:14:21

You'll love this: Mariah tells me in the car she's here today to get fucked by a guy with a big dick because her hometown is "full of pencil dicks" (sorry Albuquerque). The kinky stuff she says all while keeping her shy and quiet demeanor gets my dick hard. Like when she admits she likes being spanked, I list off a few things trying to shock her: face fucking, choking, slapping, ass play... and she not only agrees to all of it but when she pulls off her panties her pussy is already wet at the thought of it. This is why I like picking up these girls from the airport. That, and the ensuing roadhead that I talk them in to 80% of the time.
Mariah is a puzzle I want to solve: she's dressed like a preacher's daughter when I pick her up, but as soon as her panties come off she's spreading her pussy like a centerfold, showing off creamy chunks as proof how turned on she is by all this. When pull my dick out for some road head, she goes right for it, flicking her tongue stud over my hard-on and licking spit off like she's trying to polish it. I practically have to pull her hair to get her head off my cock. And then as soon as I touch her pussy, she bites her lip and rolls her eyes back like she's on the edge of orgasming. Ah! I've solved it, she's a classic sub. The more I treat her like a little fuck puppet, the harder she gets off. I can do that!

After breezing through the pics (more revelations from Mariah) and the intro, I can't wait to make this closet slut mine. Her pussy is still wet from the ride, so I grab the Rabbit and go to work on her. Her pussy juice is covering the vibrator, she gets close and squirms and begs me to make her cum, then completely loses control, cummig over and over. After several loud, (literally) wet orgasms I order her to drop to her knees and suck my cock. I grab her head and choke her a few times until she chokes a bit, but she's not giving up. She's so into it, she doesn't hesitate when I flip her over onto the bed and throat fuck her until I almost burst. Mariah takes every inch.

After I gag her a few times, I finally give her that hard fucking she's been wanting and you can really tell she's into it, between panting, moaning and dirty talking, she's rubbing her pussy and begging me to fuck her harder. I get a good rhythm and Mariah cums several more times. I get her from the front, from behind with a toy in her ass, and then she rides me in reverse cowgirl where she wiggles her hips like a pole dancer on my dick. Then I throw her down and choke her as I get her from the side where she begs me to "smash that pussy!". It's pretty bizarre hearing this shit from such a seemingly innocent girl. What a turn-on! I want to keep going forever but I'm about to pop so I make her cum one last time, and then have her drop to her knees for a huge facial.

What a dirty girl! Lots of orgasms, enthusiastic fucking, dirty talk, all coming from a girl you could live next door to. Enjoy - I certainly did!


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Crystal 2 :: School: Brigham Young University Year: Sophomore Age: 19 Height: 5'11 Figure: 34-26-34 EyeColor: Green

View Trailer - .mp4 107 MB 00:12:31

I could lead in here with the fact that 19 year old Crystal attends Brigham Young University in Utah and is a rebellious Mormon girl who is here because she wants to make it clear to her parents that she is no longer interested in being part of the religion. She loves sex, loves to cum, and she is tired of trying to hide her true self. I could also try to jump on today's zeitgeist and somehow sneak the name Mitt Romney in here, you know, her being a Mormon too, and all. But those are all cheap shots. She is shy enough as it is and doesn't want to talk about that part of her life at all.

So instead I share with you one of the many secret ways I use to gauge a girl's personality before she ever opens her mouth: Crystal has the green organ donor sticker on her ID. Why does that matter? You see, to be an organ donor you have to opt in. Meaning, you gotta check a box on your drivers license application stating clearly that you consent to this should something happen to you. Most people don't bother with this. So a girl who has that kind of a mindest - being willing to literally give her heart to strangers in order to help - probably is a born pleaser. And you know what? Theory confirmed - during the interview with Jay, Crystal states that she indeed likes to please. The man's pleasure is her pleasure, too. But she's got a naughty side too. Crystal also confesses that she sucked her girlfriends' boyfriend's cock at one time. And that she has given a guy a rimjob before because she - again - likes to please. Jay's ears perk up when she says that and you can be sure he will take full advantage of Crystal's tendencies.

But let me be clear on that: while Crystal does everything we could possibly want, she also has the time of her life. She cums a lot. And it's a very visual and audible event every time she does LOL. Her pussy juices and contractions and her very intense facial expressions when she orgasms leave no doubt that this Mormon girl belongs on a porn set, not in a temple. It's hot watching a previously sheltered girl like that get fucked hard and "fish-hooked" during doggy, and loving it! I would say we spoilt her but then again, she knew fully well what's going to happen here today when she showed up. Maybe she didn't expect to cum so hard and so often, and maybe she didn't expect some of the things she was asked to do, and maybe she didn't expect to literally be covered in cum at the end of the day (sorry 'bout getting it in your eyes, Crystal!) but she knew today would mark the end of her old life, and the beginning of a new one. And I think that's exactly why she decided to do this in the first place. Well, we're glad to help and promote personal growth in a young woman's life. Just don't come crying when your friends and family find out, Crystal. Because they will.

Maelynn :: School: Arizona State University Year: Junior Age: 19 Height: 5'9 Figure: 34B-24-34 EyeColor: Green

View Trailer - .mp4 67 MB 00:07:13

One of the best shoots of 2011. There, I said it. I think you will agree with me when you watch Maelynn in action. We start her transformation from normal ASU college girl to porn goddess in the makeup chair. Already at that point Jay and me are having a lot of fun teasing and flirting with Maelynn: she's about the funnest chick you can imagine, very outgoing, very sweet, and down to earth. She enjoys the pampering and as her confidence grows (make-up is key, brothers...), so does her sense for daring and adventure.

Maelynn is a self proclaimed "good girl" who has only had 2 men in her life and she doesn't do anything 'crazy' like partying or making out with girls. Except when she parties and makes out with girls. You get my drift. To push her envelope a little, I have her do one really weird and naughty thing for me (you'll see...), just to get her reaction. She has that "I can't believe I just did that!" expression and I knew we got to her. Then she lets Jay feel her titties while our friend finishes her make-up. Maelynn is up for anything and I can't wait to see where we can push our blond hottie next.

We check out Maelynn's camel toe forming beneath those sexy little panties she brought with her, and Jay flirts with her while she's getting dressed up and throughout the photo shoot. Her happy attitude and effortless sex appeal is like a magnet to both Jay and me, and Maelynn is having a blast with all this attention. She clearly takes a liking to the boy. Big time. Tell me if I'm wrong but I think this girl is falling in love. This may be a problem...with...her...BOYFRIEND she has waiting back at home. Who doesn't know what she's doing today. It gets worse for that guy - just keep watching.

I start the interview/intro with Maelynn on the bed, but I realize I'm just the 5th wheel here - Jay keeps playing with her boobs while standing next to me, and Maelynn glances at Jay with that "ravage me now!"-look on her face. You see, it turns out she had attempted to do one porn movie before in the past but she wasn't ready and walked out. The reason she is back today is because she enjoyed talking to us on the phone and thought Jay looked so hot in the pictures I sent her. She clearly wants him to fuck her. So I hand him the POV camera...

Her eyes light up when Jay smooth-talks her into spreading her legs so he can start getting her revved up with his hands and a dildo. Sure enough, Maelynn's pussy gets dripping wet immediately, and she really enjoys herself here. This girl wants the Jayster, bad. He keeps teasing her though for while to make sure he gets the most horny, amped-up Maelynn possible. When neither can contain themselves any longer, Jay asks Maelynn to give him head - and you can't pry these two apart from that point forward. It's now nonstop intense sucking and fucking, so much so that I can barely rearrange cameras in time when these two change positions. Maelynn is really into Jay and she has lots of subtle little orgasms while he fucks her. Watch her eyes when she's on top of him. The girl is hooked on Jay.

Freshly fucked and thoroughly spent, Maelynn gets off Jay to receive her first ever cum facial. "I love fucking this guy!", Maelynn says sheepishly, thinking the camera is off. We tease her about her boyfriend finding out and she snickers that there soon may not be a boyfriend. Jay's cock practically explodes at that point and he unloads the biggest wad of cum all over Maelynn's face, so much that this stuff drips all over her arm. So I have her lick off and she laps up the cum like candy. So much for the "good girl". Maelynn then ambushes Jay in the shower (enough already! LOL) and enjoys his hands soaping up her body. "I might just keep doing this sort of 'work'", Maelynn giggles. Yeah, I think she might. She definitely should because she's perfect for porn. I don't think she'll ever click with a guy so well again as she did with Jay, though. I feel sorry for her man at home, but I'm glad today happened. So will you...

Diane :: School: Arizona State University Year: Sophomore Age: 19 Height: 5'2 Figure: 32B-28-32 EyeColor: Brown

View Trailer - .mp4 99 MB 00:09:11

Normally I always find something to gripe about with these chicks, but not with Diane. She is pretty, smart, talkative but not annoyingly so, and doesn't bitch about anything. I would describe her as almost wholesome so when she says "fuck" it's like a jolt to your ears, like she just said something totally taboo. Considering how un-porn she is - in a good way! - I'm a little shocked how much she knows about what turns us on. During the blowjob POV, Diane maintains eye contact pretty much the entire time as she enthusiastically sucks Jay's cock, same when she lets him shoot his cum inside her mouth. So you feel like she's blowing you and swallowing your cum. The cumshot's pretty funny actually: after getting banged bent over the bathroom sink, she needs to pee. While she's sitting on the toilet, Jay walks up to her and just shoots his cum in her mouth. And she's all smiles and just seems so happy to make him cum. She shows us the load in her mouth and then swallows it. But she's just awesome all the way leading up to that.

I still don't know what her racial background is because Jay never asked during the interview. I'll remind him to do that because I know you want to know. So do I. I'm sitting here, jerking off to her video, and don't know if she's Mexican or Thai or Martian. We learn all sorts of other stuff about her though. Mainly, how normal she is. Yes, there are hot girls who do porn and they're not batshit insane. Go figure. I can't guarantee Diane will ever do another video but I sure hope she does. Preferably with me.
So her eye contact with the cameras during sex is fantastic, like I said. I felt like I'm there banging her myself watching this. My fave is the blowjob part. Or maybe doggy, it gets pretty rough because she likes it that way. Or maybe when she gets off with fingers in her ass and a vibrator on her clit. That one surprised her. Or maybe the rimjob part...Yes, this lovely young lady licks Jay's ass for a bit, and while she's clearly not used to doing that, she never complains. Some of what Jay has her do seems new to her but she's a great sport in all of it. For example, I can tell she's not really into being on top (except when she's getting fucked hard and fast, she does seem to like that. A lot) but she plays along anyway. She just really wants to please, is all I'm sayin'.

Diane also likes to watch herself get fucked, which is why Jay tells her to go into the bathroom and position herself in front of the mirror for some more cock action before she gets to swallow his cum. There's just something super hot about watching a girl watch herself having sex. Especially if that girl is Diane because she so does not seem like the overly slutty type who does that kind of thing on a regular basis. I love how calm and sweet and yet utterly dirty she is.


All shoots are done with 3 cameras rolling at the same time so you never miss anything. You'll really get to know
the girls with exclusive intimate interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Watch explicit hardcore action captured by multiple cameras and watch the best parts side by side with split screens. Watch girls have real orgasms, sometimes for the first time in their lives. If you are looking for seasoned porn stars or "mainstream" adult movies this is not the site for you. Sometimes these first timers do go on to do more porn after ECG gets their hands on them, but Exploited College Girls is often the only place where you will see these girls. We love amateur porn with real girls as much as you do and work hard to bring you the best,
most intimate adult content on the web.

Jennie :: School: Brigham Young University Year: Junior Age: 20 Height: 5'5 Figure: 32-24-30 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 142 MB 00:14:28

Look, it's no secret that here at ECG we're as patriotic as anybody. After all, what other country could we do what we do? No that's not a dig at other countries for having fewer hot coeds than us. It's about freedom! The freedom to bribe innocent young hotties out of their virtue. Anyway, in honor of our first Mormon presidential candidate we've found Jennie, a 20 year old stunner from the Mormon training camp known as Brigham Young University, where short sleeves and Coke are illegal and pretty girls are everywhere.

On the ride to the shoot, Jennie opens right up to me about her sexuality explaining exactly how to make her cum (g spot + clit = win!), about how she lost her virginity and her love of sucking cock. For a girl who goes to a university that frowns on skirts that rise above the knee, she's really a bit of a slut. Score another one for freedom! To test out her boundaries I pull over in a semi secluded alley and have her perform a little day time road head. She takes to it and admits that she loves to turn guys on, and it turns her on. It's off camera but I can feel her pussy getting wet through her shorts so I decide to push her boundaries a little further and fuck her in the front seat of the car.

We get back to the location and get Jennie made up and looking amazing, and before long she's dropping her dress to show off her textbook perfect B cup tits and and bare cameltoe. Fortunately I've got something equally sexy to show her: the Sybian. Despite her nervousness she lubes up and jumps on and sparks fly. By sparks I mean orgasms. Within a minute her eyes are rolled back and she's gasping and playing with her tits. In less than three minutes she has her first Sybian powered orgasm. She can't figure out what to do with her hands so I set the camera down and feed her my cock as she searches for orgasm number two.

I am pretty sure orgasm number three is in there, too; but I think the only way I can reach it is with my dick. Jennie seems to agree and as soon as I start drilling her she's on her way there. We blow past it and head for number four. Probably the hottest part of fucking this dirty little Mormon sinner (typo, I meant spinner, but both are true) is a tie between the sexy way she frantically rubs her clit and the way she tugs on her nipples to get herself to cum.

I flip her over to see if a fifth orgasm is possible after she explains how much she loves being fucked doggy style and it doesn't take more than a few hard pumps to get her off. I try a few more positions to build up one of my trademark 12 gauge cumshots and then I blow my load on her face, which she seems remarkably cool about. There might just be something to this Mormon thing after all! I can't really remember the last time a girl has been so happy about being glazed like a doughnut.

Eleanor :: School: Cal State Fullerton Year: Junior Age: 19 Height: 5'4 Figure: 32B-28-32 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .wmv 181 MB 00:14:07

Eleanor likes to make goofy faces at the cameras, has Personality Plus, and hates sex. Nah, I'm kidding about the last part, just checking if you're paying attention. In fact, Eleanor is not getting enough at home from her oversized boyfriend (who supposedly knows what she's doing today), as she hints numerous times when we chat. Speaking of chat, I just love getting a girl topless in my car during my little interview sessions. I always keep an eye on the clock to see how fast these little sluts flash their titties after meeting me. Eleanor doesn't disappoint and reveals one of the nicest set of all natural fun bags I've seen in a long time. She's nervous about getting caught which just makes it even more fun for me. But she's bubbly and talkative, and you'll immediately like her. As you'll gather quickly, Eleanor is just getting started exploring her sexual side. She is not one of those ultra slutty coeds who fuck (or claim they fuck) everything that breathes. She's not the type I'd expect to ever fly out to me to get fucked on camera. Hooray for boyfriends with low sex drives, I guess, LOL.

Now, I could sit here and write two pages about how great Eleanor's body is, especially her tits and ass. Oh and those legs. But you'll see all that for yourself. Let me just say: wow! The girl is tight, has the perfect skin (Puerto Rican heritage, she says), and instantly got me hard when I took the photos. I'm hurrying through the pix because I just cannot wait to stick my tongue in that perfect little pussy of hers. Just as I'm about to get ready with the real action there's this goddamn car alarm going off outside our room. I try to play it off at first but after a while I just can't stand it anymore. Before I can fully concentrate and enjoy that perfect little Cal State Fullerton pussy, I decide to switch rooms. I like the only noise to be the moaning of those little sluts, you know? Now in a much more peaceful environment, Eleanor is all mine. The first thing I do is have her get naked and let me explore her at my pace. I finally get to stick my tongue in her little snatch...and it's what crack must be like - I can't get enough of it. And neither can she, as her facial expressions tell you. She's not exactly hating it.

After thoroughly licking and tasting her pussy and ass, I still don't have enough. I make her get into the 69 position with me and it's fucking amazing. She sucks my cock while I get to taste more of that increasingly juicy snatch of hers. I have two of the cameras on her face so you see her suck and enjoy the pussy licking from the best angles. The little noises and facial expressions she makes are priceless. She's also never had her ass licked before, something I remedy immediately. She's weirded out at first but after a little while seems to really enjoy it. One of the cameras is on her face during all this, you be the judge.

The more I do to her the more I realize this girl is really just not getting enough at home. After enjoying the Rabbit in her, Eleanor cums several times while I fuck her. She goes certifiably nuts when I bang her doggy style (good close-up footage in this one, by the way). I'm afraid hotel management is going to knock on our door any moment, that's how loud Eleanor screams and moans. And it's not that fake "look at me!" screaming, either. Just watch it and you'll know what I mean. She can barely speak at one point, except to point out how deep and good the cock feels in her. There's nothing like a girl's wet pussy convulse around your cock as she cums, is there?

Eleanor said earlier one of her favorite things to do is play with a guy's balls, and when she rides my cock (OMG!) she does something practically no other girl ever does - she lightly "shakes" my balls toward her, as if trying to milk the cum out of my cock and into her pussy. I have to say it almost worked. Since I don't want any little Steves running around I make her get off and blow me some more. This time it's almost all POV (no, I didn't forget about you POV lovers LOL). Get your tissues ready because if none of what she did before made you cum, seeing her eyes look up at you while she sucks cock surely will. After close to an hour and a half of fucking and pussy licking and whatnot, it's time for me to unload my jizz on Eleanor's face. Surprisingly she's not jerking away or doing any of the stuff I expected a good girl like her to do. This girl REALLY loves all things sex. I'm pretty sure she got enough of it today too. She came several times and is visibly spent at the end. After experiencing how exciting sex can be I wonder how this boyfriend thing is going to pan out for her. I think I'll change my number to avoid any angry calls coming from a certain city in California soon....

Emma :: School: Paradise Valley Community College Year: Junior Age: 20 Height: 5'4 Figure: 32-21-28 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .wmv 157 MB 00:12:15

Up till I opened the door to let Emma into my hotel room it had been a pretty calm day. The birds are chirping outside, the sports channel is working on the room's TV, and I'm about to bang another local hottie who probably thinks she'll be the next big pornstar or something because she sucks my cock on camera. A bit too calm for my tastes actually, if you know what I mean. And then - boom! It's like somebody packed the energy of ten teen girls into one 5'4 package, filled it up with caffeine, and called it 'Emma'.

Talk about cheery! She struts in and it's like Christmas morning for me: she's cute, bubbly, talkative, and so fucking sexy. I'm not gonna waste any time here and just have her put on the first outfit that doesn't scream 'fashion disaster' and then have do her makeup. As she's painting god-knows-what on her face, I ask her the usual interview questions. What's the boyfriend situation? When did she lose her virginity? What's her favorite sexual position? You know the drill. That tiny ass of hers looks too inviting in that leather(ish) mini skirt not to touch so I have a go at it. Like so often with these little sluts, that's is all it takes to get me going and I'm glad she's not one of those girls who spend three hours on makeup. Quick picture set and she's done, I'm ready, so it's on the bed with her...

There's really not much 'exploiting' going on - Emma is all up for some naughty fun with a stranger. She says she has a boyfriend and is generally satisfied but I doubt that's true. She's a highly sexual girl and clearly doesn't get enough at home. Lots and lots of facial expressions throughout the entire video confirm this fact. When I eat her pussy while she is sucking my cock in a 69, you can see she hasn't had her pussy licked the way I do it. She's literally squirming and juicing up hovering there over my face, my tongue in her snatch, and her mouth on my cock, except when she's trying not to cum too early (fail.). She does a little of that "I'm a pornstar now, look at me!" shit but I can tell she isn't actually all that experienced. You'll see what I mean. I really think she's one of those every day good girls who just want to get really dirty and let it all out for once. I'm pretty sure by the time I'm done with her she got that all out of her system LOL.

I'm doing a couple of different camera angles which I think you'll like. Let me know. One thing I can't resist doing though is pull her hair while I fuck Emma from behind. Which she loves. I'm not talking about the screaming, but I can feel her little juicy pussy clamp up around my cock, practically trying to milk me dry. A couple of fast and not-so subtle pussy contractions and I know Emma just came again. She's digging the reverse cowgirl too, in fact you might want to turn down the volume a little when she's riding me. Just sayin'...

I'm finishing up nailing her doggy style and then squirting my cum over her ass. Now looking at the camera that faced her it looks like she actually orgasmed again when I did that. The girl cums a lot, come to think of it. Yeah, she's definitely not getting enough at home, no matter what she says. She told me that her boyfriend didn't know what she was up to today. But as so often with girls who think nobody will find out that they did the nasty here on ECG, I'm afraid this little slut's boyfriend, too, will soon learn his little precious honey-sweetie is not the faithful love of his life he probably thinks she is. Don't miss the ending where she reveals that she'll be driving straight to her parent's home to have the weekly dinner together. This kind of gives you an idea of the persona she potrays when she's not out banging a guy twice her age in a hotel room.

In fact, Emma enjoyed fucking on camera so much, I wouldn't be surprised to see her show up on some other site one day, or at least in some "private videos". Nymphos do what nymphos do. And I love it.

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Hanna :: School: Bucks County Community College Year: Freshman Age: 19 Height: 5'6 Figure: 34B-26-36 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .mp4 114 MB 00:11:35

19 year old Hanna is a complete attention whore, and will say and do the craziest things to make sure you notice her. She claims she once made her sister suck her boyfriend's cock and now she wants to see them fuck. That's what this girl opens up with and I know this is gonna be a great ride to the hotel. Sure enough, Hanna pulls her tits out totally unprompted as she goes on how much of a nympho she is (true), and doesn't give it a second thought when I ask her to suck me off or fuck me in the parking lot. She wants to keep banging but I can't shoot the whole thing in my car, so we head over to the location and really get things started.

Hanna reveals more about her crazy sex life and tells us she can cum from "Whatever...", and that she loves anal sex. With that in mind, I pull out a vibrator and dildo and go to work on her, and she's eager to help. She cums 2-3 times, and then shows us her pussy juice soaked fingers as proof. I'm prepping her to fuck her in the ass later, so after using a small dildo in her naughty hole and a vibe on her clit, I switch to the larger dildo for her ass, eventually urging me to pound her ass with it until she cums again.

When I interview Hanna about her sex life she seems a little shy, but doesn't hold back. From all girl orgies to fucking in public in any and all locations, she's pretty adventurous which is probably how she ended up on the site. In an ECG first, Hanna has actually bought brand new lingerie for the shoot. Which fits her amazingly well for the 4 minutes she actually wears it. But, kudos, Hanna, it looks great in a pile on the floor! Once she gets naked she gets a lot more comfortable, though.

Now it's my time to get some, and after another round of grade A cock sucking, I decide to push this little whore as far as I can: I want her to give me a rimjob. She refuses. I coax her into licking my balls, then guide her, "Lower...lower...keep going...lower." But in the end I have to offer her a little extra cash to seal the deal. This loudmouth teen clearly wasn't expecting this. Boundaries pushed? Abso-fucking-lutely. And I'm not done yet.

Rock hard by now, I want to attack that pussy so I have Hanna climb on for some hard reverse cowgirl banging, which she loves so much she cums yet again. This girl really knows how to fuck, I flip her over on her back and get back in her and she urges me on. Rough, hard fucking, choking the way she likes's awesome. Now at this point I'm ready to take her up on the anal thing... but she flat out refuses. Turns out Hannah talks a good game but when it comes down to it she's just another scared little slut who's in over her head with this porn thing. Too bad, she's got a great little starfish that's just begging to be fucked.
After the buzzkill of being denied anal access, I really need to get back into it to deliver this girl the facial she deserves, so I grab her ass and fuck her as hard as I can manage in doggy. I grab a handful of her hair and punish her pussy. She doesn't complain, she just begs for my cum, so who am I to deny her? I put her on the floor and paint her face with a gallon of Jay Juice.

Aside from being a tease about loving anal, Hanna turned out to be a damn good fuck. With her enthusiasm and nymphomania, I suspect that while this is her first adult video, it won't be her last. In fact she says as much as she pees during our little exit interview. She'll definitely shoot more porn in the future. Just remember: ECG ruined her first!

Janelle :: School: Arizona State University Year: Junior Age: 19 Height: 5'11 Figure: 34-24-28 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .wmv 144 MB 00:11:17

I don't know what it is lately but I'm getting girls show up who are not just whoring it up on cam for cash, but actually, really, truly...need to get laid. I'm not making this up - Janelle here is another good-girl who decided to get fucked and facialed for the world to see, and have real orgasms doing it. Janelle is multi orgasmic so I think she got a good bargain today with me. But so did I: Janelle is just all around fun. There is no wannabe pornstar attitude, no "let's get this over with" bullshit, and absolutely no resistance to even my...ahem...naughtiest request. (Yes, she did THAT, too! LOL).

While she is trying to put on makeup like a grownup (fail!) I kick back and do a little interview with her. She's open and talkative and everything she says confirms to me that she is indeed just a normal girl who wants to explore her dirty side. When she takes off her clothes to show me the dress she wants to wear I see that there is a lot more to Janelle than I tought: she has a huge ass ugly tattoo on her side. I mean, it's fucking hideous. It doesn't match her persona at all and if she wasn't so cool and otherwise cute I would have probably sent her home right then. I decide to not let this ruin my fun, however, and just keep on going. Luckily, Janelle's personality soon makes me forget all about this desecration. We're having fun taking the pictures and she tells us more about herself. At that point I notice something - her pussy has gotten dripping wet. I grab my POV cam to show you this because it's rare I see a girl get so turned on just by taking pics of her. I mean, the girl is soaked! So this right there tells you this girl is really wanting "it" bad.

Janelle doesn't know the word "No". If it has to do with sex, she's up for it. At 19 she is not the most amazing cock sucker of all time but she does let me deep throat her and doesn't complain about it, or storm out of the hotel room. In fact, she seems to enjoy being taken hard. She said earlier that her favorite sex position is being on top but you wouldn't know it from the way her pussy juices up when I have my way with her in any of the other positions. She is not even trying to hide how much she likes getting fucked by a guy she met less than an hour ago. Janelle keeps orgasming several times, at first in a subtle way. but the harder we fuck the harder she cums. She takes a liking to the Rabbit and sucks my cock while I use it on her. My little twin-eared pink buddy always ensures I get the girls riled up to the max, and as usual, this girl is like putty in my hands afterwards. Janelle likes the kinkier shit, too. I stick my finger in her ass while my cock pumps her pussy, and she's is ripe for another orgasm. When I fuck her doggy style, with her spreading her ass cheeks...orgasm. When she rides me....orgasm. At this point I almost feel *I* should charge *her*.

After having her rim me out (absolutely no hesitation or arguing from her!) I finally get to unload my cum in her mouth and on her face. I grab my camera to take pics of her cum covered face before it all dries in, and as she is looking up at me, my cock in her mouth, her makeup smeared, and that satisfied look on her face, I can't help but feel like I've actually done a good deed today. But then I remember that her face will be all over the Interwebs soon, with my cock in her mouth and pussy, and at that point parents and friends will know that their little goody two-shoes Janelle is as dirty as they come. If that gigantic fail she calls a tattoo wasn't any indication, everyone will know Janelle is just as 'depraved' as the sickest of sluts I've fucked on ECG. For some reason thinking about this actually makes me even more happy. Just call me Evil Stevel.

Lauren :: School: Oregon State University Year: Junior Age: 20 Height: 5'5 Figure: 34C-28-32 EyeColor: Green

View Trailer - .wmv 126 MB 00:10:07

I get emails from some of you saying I'm like the luckiest guy in the world, and you know what? I fucking am! After this last batch of supersluts I thought I couldn't top this but I was wrong: meet Lauren from Oregon State University.

The word 'no' does not exist in Lauren's vocabulary. It's so funny too, at first she is really shy about her body, especially the tits. Getting through the photos was almost a chore and I figure this girl is going to be a self-conscious nightmare that won't do anything. But when we go outside so she can have a cigarette it takes me all but five minutes before she has my cock down her throat, and another minute or two before I get her to drop her panties and fuck her right there on the patio. She gets so riled up being fucked in front of the neighbor's windows that she says she wants to go upstairs - now! I guess that's the kind of open mindset a girl develops when her parents are hippies who introduce her to weed at an early age. Open or just insane, I don't know and don't really care.

I set up my gear as quickly as I can to keep this ball rolling. I do the interview thing with her and get her completely naked (those tits!) and it's all just getting more and more hardcore from there. Her looks, the shit she says...I just know this is gonna be a real hardcore session, and I'm about to be proven right about that...

Lauren said she very rarely has an orgasm so of course I do my best to work her into at least one by licking her pussy and ass. It works! Sufficiently wet, Lauren is now ready for my cock so I slide right in her and go to town. The little freak loves rough sex and when I choke her while pounding her I feel her pussy lips grip my cock tighter and tighter. I think she's having another orgasm! She definitely cums again when I make her blow me while using the vibrator (yeah, that one) on her pussy and clit. She's already came more than ever before so now I feel it's my right to get some payback, if you know what I mean...

A sex crazed girl like this surely has got to be great at sucking cock, I'm thinking, and sure enough, she's a fucking BJ superstar. She even takes me ramming down my cock down her throat and gagging her better than most other girls I've banged, and you know that means something. And when I stand over her and tell her to lick my ass she does so without batting an eye - and holy hell she is good at it!

The more I treat her like a fuck puppet the better she likes it and luckily I have a lot more hardcore shit up my sleeve to keep her (and me) happy. If you're expecting this 20 year old to balk at being fish-hooked and ass slapped while being fucked from behind, think again. She's into all of that. This bitch is my new fucking dream girl! LOL. The whole thing's been so intense we could've stopped right there and still have some of the most extreme stuff in ECG history - but no. She did something really amazing with her hands when she blew me outside so I have her do that again, but more intensely. Brothers, I'm not kidding when I tell you Lauren's magic with her hands. It's like she's been doling out handjobs to friends all her life. Watch what she does to me when she gives me a handjob, and then rims my ass out like it's her favorite thing to do (which, as it turns out later, it is!). Un-fucking-believable. Lauren goes deep-tongue on me for a little eternity and it's so good I almost forget I'm trying to shoot a scene for you. So fucking good!

But I'm still not quite done. I manage to squeeze in Lauren riding my cock, but just barely because her pussy is creaming up so much that I keep sliding in and out of her so fast, I'm feeling like I'm about to blow any second. Watch her cum drip out of her pussy and cover my cock. Yes, she's cumming that much.

I have her finish me off giving me a proper handjob, and that thing she does quickly sets me off - I practically explode and shoot my cum load over her hands and all over the bed while Lauren beams with pride...

Lauren truly enjoyed this massive fuck session and needless to say so did I. You will be amazed and possibly even a little shocked at how extreme this little slut is. You wouldn't believe it from just looking at her so be prepared for a surprise. This girl is super dirty

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Scarlett :: School: University of Alabama Year: Sophomore Age: 20 Height: 5'4 Figure: 34B-26-36 EyeColor: Green

View Trailer - .mp4 118 MB 00:10:16

Scarlett's barely 5'4" but amazingly tanned and toned and she has an ass and pussy so perfect she could model for sex toys. From her fitness model flat abs to her sultry southern accent and her eagerness to please, it's hard to say what I find most attractive about Scarlett. But if I have to pick one thing I like most, I'd have to say it's her amazing blowjob skills.
I find out about Scarlett's talent on the ride over to our location. While it's easy to listen to her talk dirty in that slow southern drawl, there is one thing she claims she's even better at with her mouth. As you know this is a claim I can't resist putting to the test and Scarlett isn't shy about demonstrating her love of cock. She grabs mine and goes straight to town. Dicktown, obviously. I'm the mayor, hi. Her head is so good, I'm considering making this part of the update an instructional video for other girls. She's got this hand and mouth combo technique that feels amazing. She does this thing...I don't know why I'm trying to describe it, this is one update you have to see to understand. Trust me, it's worth the watch. Her head is so good that as soon as we get to the location I have her drop to her knees again and get back at it.

It turns out she really does love giving head too because when I get her naked her pussy is clearly already wet from excitement, which is always a very good thing. When I get in between her thighs, however, things get even wetter. It turns out Scarlett is very responsive to stimulation and orgasms very easily, when aroused. As soon as I start the good vibrations, she cums in a few seconds and then cums over and over for me as long as focus on her clit. Since she seemed so receptive, I purposely chose a vibe with an anal attachment and when she's really turned on I convince her to try to let me get it in her ass. Despite having little experience with anal, she goes for it and in no time takes the entire thing. I used the other end on her clit and before long, she's cumming again.

After getting her off about a half dozen times, it's time for me to get some and before I fuck her I take the time to sample some more of her amazing head. Good god, that technique - she's really talented. Of course, she has me hard in no time and I throw her back on the bed and fuck her little pussy until she cums again - which she claims is a first for her. I flip her over and drill her from behind and then I push her flat and pin her to the bed and fuck her as hard as I can manage.

After pounding Scarlett's amazing puss all afternoon, I'm finally ready to pop and after I have her beg for my cum, I put her on her knees and unload a huge power cumshot directly into her mouth. Honestly, even I am impressed with my aim on this one.
Scarlett turned out to be more than just a southern belle with 8 minute abs. She's actually a little sexual dynamo, check out the very last clip for proof when she offers to come back for a second shoot and promises to give anal a try.

Kira :: School: University of Washington Year: Junior Age: 20 Height: 5'4 Figure: 32D-22-34 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 138 MB 00:14:25

If your ECG wishlist includes a petite little 20 year old with perfect tits and a bouncy booty, a nearly endless sexual resume, an exhibitionism streak a mile wide and the open-mindedness to try anal sex for the first time on camera with me, well you have been granted that wish, my friends. Meet Kira, she's all that stuff I just wrote and more.

Normally I talk to the girls for 5 -10 minutes or so while we drive and I get into their sexual history and turn ons etc., but Kira's interview goes on for more than double that and then some. When you hear this girl talk about her sex adventures, it's like she's reading the 'best of' edition of Penthouse Forum and skipping to the good parts! She's completely bisexual, she watches porn with her (sexy female) roommate and then they trade fucks with a strap-on, she's fucked her boyfriend's fathers. Basically she naughty. And, she a hottie. She looks a bit like that hot actress in the Hunger Games, only with bigger tits and a bigger ass.
Anyway, we get things started with Kira telling me every little thing about her sex life on the ride over and she doesn't spare the details, which gets me going. I have her lean across and give me a little road head. You can tell by the way she watches herself in the camera's screen that she loves being filmed, and that means this is going to be a hell of a shoot. She keeps saying that she loves being naked, so I try to push her boundaries a little by pulling over to gas up and having her pull her tits out and then drop to her knees and give me a little more mouth love. I have no idea why I never thought of this before, this gives a whole new meaning to the term full service.

Before we get busted by other customers, I get her back in the car and we beat it for the house and the main shoot. I already know that Kira is getting some anal before we even get started, she bragged continuously in the car that she's had digits in the back door but nothing bigger, so as we get started I'm already thinking about getting her relaxed and ready for rear entry. I have just the toy to accomplish this and Kira is more than game. After a little lube and some gentle persuasion, she gets her first DP and her very first anal orgasm, which turns out to be a monster one.

After getting her off I want to get mine and I have her drop to her knees for some more head. When she gets me hard enough I get her up on the bed for some fucking. I think you know where this is going. If you said anal, you are right. With the help of a vibrator, some lube and Kira's cooperation, we get her anal virginity on film. It's really some of my best work. She's got this amazing round bubble butt and she pushes it back up on me until I get it. She grunts, pants, and grits her teeth but eventually takes the whole thing.

After poking Kira's big round booty, I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out. I flip her over and give her one more big orgasm to remember me by and then spray her with a trademark ECG facial. It's always interesting to me to see how these shoots turn out, a cute girl like Kira who's a big talker is often a red flag because the girls who talk the most tend to dance the least when the cameras are on so I was really pleasantly surprised that in this case she was a big talker AND a real performer.

That's over 30% off the regular price.

Mekeilah :: School: Santa Monica College Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'6 Figure: 32-28-32 EyeColor: Brown

View Trailer - .wmv 97 MB 00:07:46

If I could create the perfect woman for me, 18 year old Mekeilah from Santa Monica College would be the closest thing to perfection in my eyes. From her perfect dark skin, which she gets from her Cuban and Salvadorian parents, to her sweet and innocent smile and soft spoken demeanor, Mekeilah I think is every guys perfect type. The type I like to corrupt and take my sexual perversions out on that is LOL!. Mekeilah may act innocent, but like so many young girls these days, Mekeilah has a deep desire to explore her sexuality. Lucky for me, and all of you, she called me to experiment with! So lets do an inventory of our little model,…. shall we? She won’t take her top off or show her pussy in my car, but would run naked on the beach and into the ocean,…. tease. She lost her virginity to her one and only boyfriend when she was 15, but admits to cheating on him,… slut. She has never masturbated before, but will let a guy twice her age finger fuck and rub her clit on film for money!,….. whore. Well, I kept her longer than she wanted to and deep throating her until she gagged, fucked her silly, and of course I convinced her to lick my ass! When I dropped her off to pick her mom up from work, which she was late for, I swear she had cum in her hair! I loved this little South American treat and she left a lot more corrupted! Enjoy Steve.


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Tabitha :: School: University of Arizona Year: Junior Age: 20 Height: 5'8 Figure: 36B-28-32 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 111 MB 00:13:21

Summer time has arrived early. Blonde sunshine Tabitha has enough spunk in her to make things interesting in the bedroom, but she's also the kind you can take home to mom, too. This is the first time Tabitha is dipping her pretty little toes into porn waters and we sure hope it's not the last. There is nothing really shocking or offputting we learn about her during the interview, more or less the usual experiences you expect from your average college cutie. She does tells us about her arsenal of sex toys at home. For a girl who claims to not masturbate often that's a bit odd, no? Anyway, it's nice to have a girl who doesn't go on about how much of a whore she is. She bites her lips and little smiles of embarrassment adorn her face when Jay asks her increasingly naughty questions. It's cute when she blushes. Definitely not a hardened pornstar, and we like it.

Tabitha is very sensitive to touch, and her pussy is already wet and creamy by the time Jay has her take off her clothes. Her love for being touched and using toys comes in handy a little later when Jay brings out some toys to loosen her up. The girl really does love toys in her pussy. Jay moves the vibrator in and out of her pussy and Tabitha rocks her body back and forth to intensify the motion. In a nice twist of self discovery, Tabitha discovers that she loves having her ass fingered at the same time, something she didn't even know she liked until now. Let's keep that in mind...

Properly amped up for cock, Jay asks Tabitha to get on her knees so she can show off her blowjob skills for the first time on camera. Now, she isn't a pornstar so she sucks cock like a normal college girl does - not in a particularly visual way but with enthusiasm and that certain carefulness fairly inexperienced girls approach a cock with. Jay attempts to deepthroat Tabitha a little but her eyes tear up pretty quickly and you don't want the girl to run out crying and end the shoot right there. There are other ways to push the girl a little so that's okay. At least she was willing to give it a shot.

By this point we know one thing for sure: one reason Tabitha is here is to try out new things. Remember the assplay thing Tabitha liked so much? Well, after Jay bangs our cutie the ol' fashioned way (she liked that), he has her turn around and fucks her in doggy position. He sheepishly lets his hands wander toward her ass again and Tabitha doesn't protest. A bit of complaints. In fact, Tabitha seems to be working toward an orgasm so the ass thing is really working for her. So Jay grabs the vibrator again and slowly slides it in her asshole as he fucks her pussy at the same time. That pretty much does it for Tabitha. There's Picture-in-Picture of her face when he puts the toy in her ass, you'll love it. After some of this double penetration it starts to hurt her a little so Jay takes the toy out - but then Tabitha says "let's definintely do that again!". So he does. But this time he wants to know if Tabitha can handle his cock in her ass. She's excited about getting assfucked, but also nervous. And very, very tight. So let's see how that goes...

Did I mention housekeeping almost walked in on them again? Same shit that happened when Pam was here, but this time Jay had locked the door so crisis was averted this time. Still, maybe it's time to switch hotels. Anyway, what else? Well, Tabitha loves fucking while she's on top and I think there is an orgasm or two going on for her. By the time she gets off the boy, Tabitha's legs are shaky and her face is flush. She is all smiles and giddy and clearly enjoyed the fuck session today. Her attitude doesn't sour after Jay unloads his trademark bucket-load of cum over her face, either, even though she says she prefers it all over her body. But hey, it's porn, darling, so a facial it is. She runs to the bathroom to wash the cum off at the first opportunity. It's time for her to be a good girl again, and that's okay. We like good girls gone bad.

Desirae :: School: Arizona State University Year: Junior Age: 18 Height: 5'2 Figure: 34B-28-32 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .wmv 155 MB 00:12:26

Good things come in small packages and 5'2 Desirae proves this rule. But if you like your college sluts mousy, quiet, and dumb, our fun-loving, hyper ASU student probably ain't for you. This girl is a fucking riot, unpretentious. and a lot of fun to hang out with. She spills the beans on her preferences in men and her sex life as she is putting her clothes together. When she demos her outfits for me I notice that great ass of hers, which she likes having groped and I like groping. I love it when I find things I have in common with these little sluts LOL.

Girls love spur-of-the-moment sex, especially if it's a little risky. They really do. So when I tell her to come out on the balcony with me to get fucked, Desirae pretend-hesitates, then giddily follows me outside where she blows me as cars and hotel guests move on by. When I put her against the railing and start fucking her I notice her snatch got really wet. I've known this girl for maybe an hour total at this point and here I am fucking her practically in public. I love my job.

I do a little Q 'n A session with her while she is putting on her makeup. She talks a little more about previous sex in her life, and her Jordanian heritage. There are some interesting tidbits in there about how a girl 'ticks" so you'll want to pay attention to what she says. It'll explain a lot of the weird shit you've probably been going through with your ex-GFs in the past. Done with that it's time for the real fun to begin. After some in-depth pussy exploration I introduce Desirae to the Rabbit vibrator because, frankly, it's pretty much guaranteed to heat up the girls to the point where I want them. I don't want her to cum quite yet though so after getting her close a few times I make her get on her stomach and have her start sucking my cock. You already know that when I have them lie flat down like that I eventually have them hold their ankles and really feed them my cock as hard as possible. I deep-throat Desirae a few times and since she's not storming out in tears I keep going. Ever since banging her on the balcony I've wanted to shove my cock back in that juicy little snatch, and Desirae is ready too, so I put her on her back and go to town on her. Oh yeah, juicy cunt! She said earlier she likes to be "lazy" when she fucks and missionary fulfills that requirement. She does love it too as her tightened pussy lips around my cock tell me. But I really want to see that great ass of hers when I'm fucking her though so I have her get into doggy position and nail her from behind. Hard. She gets pretty loud at that point, probably because one of the cameras is on her face and, like virtually all young sluts, craves the attention she gets from you. I feel like I'm about to pop in that wet snatch of hers so I make her get on top and ride me that way for a bit. I have her fuck me like that until her legs are literally starting to shake and hurt, then nail her from behind some more until I -finally! - pop my load on her face. She's not a cum dodger and in fact licks off some of the cum that didn't make it in her mouth. Good girl!

Desirae did some really naughty stuff today for being only 18, and I can tell it's starting to sink in that her face is going to be all over the web soon, mostly with my cock in her mouth. This might not jive too well with her conservative family. You can tell she's starting to think about what just happend as she is taking her shower. Unfortunately no matter how hot or long the shower, nothing's going to un-whore the whore. You can pinpoint the exact second reality sinks in for her when that perpetual smile and cockiness leaves her face. I hope this is just temporary though because Desirae is too much fun to swear off sex with strangers forever, with cameras present or not. Believe me, I know...

Cassi :: School: Arizona State University Year: Junior Age: 19 Height: 5'7 Figure: 32B-28-32 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 145 MB 00:15:03

Guess who referred Cassi to me? Her roommate - Maggie! Yes, that one. While Cassi has a boyfriend (poor, clueless bastard...), she's also crushing on Maggie quite a bit. So far nothing ever happened between those two girls but maybe some ECG magic can solve that in the future. Today though it's all about Cassi. Our 19 year old East Coast transplant admits she likes to fuck her boyfriend while watching porn and fantasize about getting nasty for the whole world to see. Hey, I'm not judging. Attention is a big motivator for some girls. I'm just glad I can facilitate her desire. We transform Cassi's every-day self so she looks her best, have her flash for food, and then let her show off those skills she says she has learned from watching all those porn movies.
Verdict? After cumming hard masturbating for us, and taking a plug in her ass while getting off once more with the Rabbit vibrator on her clit, Cassi gives Jay one of the most intense blowjobs of all time. She deep throats herself on his cock, spit is flying everywhere, and it seems like Cassi's college major is Porn Performance 101. And she's passing all tests with flying colors. INTENSE is all I can say. And this girl is only 19! When she talks to you she comes across as a normal next-door good-girl. I love surprises like that.

It's great to have a girl here who likes to fuck solely for the fun of it and really get into the action, including when Jay plays a little rough with her. There's no whining or negotiating for breaks - Cassi enjoys fucking Jay non-stop, and it shows. By the time Cassi is on top of him, her hair is a sweaty mess from all the intense fucking. But she keeps going and cumming. Jay barely gets her off his cock in time to shoot his huge cum load in her mouth and all over her face. I'm surprised she didn't drown. Whether Cassi continues fucking on film in the future or not, I'm glad ECG was her first stop. She got to be her (naughty) self and cum as much as she wanted. I think this was a great first experience for her. Now if we can just get Maggie and Cassi together one of these days I think we pretty much made Cassi's year. Let's see what I can do here...


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Miranda :: School: Ohio State University Year: Junior Age: 19 Height: 5'0 Figure: 32B-22-32 EyeColor: Brown

View Trailer - .mp4 105 MB 00:10:10

Imagine having a girl that looks like Jessica Alba sit next to you in the car and she tells you how she prefers to give blowjobs, then takes off her top to show off her sweet naturals all because you asked? And then imagine this hot 19 year old actually sucks your cock in the backseat while your buddy is driving you to a hotel...where you get to fuck the shit out of her later? Yes, I'm never getting rid of Jay after this I think LOL.

I'm not going to describe how hot Miranda looks, that much is obvious. I will tell you we learn a lot about our hot little Latin invasion almost right away because she's open and honest about everything. This includes her sexual likes and dislikes. Likes toys. Not so much her thing as you'll find out. Sucking cock? Hell yeah. She is fascinated by the male anatomy and occassionally spends a few seconds just admiring and playing with Jay's hard-on in the car before continuing her oral awesomeness. And if Jay's facial expressions are to be believed, she's pretty amazing at it. Once at the hotel we pick out her clothes and go through the photos Nothing too exciting here because Miranda needs to concentrate on getting the poses right. Clearly she isn't a pro - but does want to get everything right - and we wouldn't want it any other way. So not a lot of chit-chat going on here. Although it's interesting, we see Jay work his magic on Miranda to get her comfortable. He does the barely-there touching of her arm and playful teasing girls like. And it works! For example, Miranda spots my sex toy arsenal and is taken aback by all that weird stuff, so he explains to her what goes where (playfully incorrect, of course) and she giggles and blushes. He's in!

At that point we already know enough about Miranda to get down to the really naughty stuff. Or rather, Jay is. He tries to talk her into trying toys but since that's not really doing anything for her, Jay shifts gears and brings her back to doing what she likes best (if you haven't been paying attention, that's sucking cock). You can guess where that goes from here. Miranda's favorite is doggy style (Surprise! Not.) but it seems she's enjoying herself in any position that involves Jay's dick inside her. I don't want to spoil the goods here but let me tell you Miranda's video will probably end up in your Favorites folder pretty quickly. She's in mine. Enjoy!

Chanel :: School: UCLA Year: Sophomore Age: 21 Height: 5'3 Figure: 32B-26-32 EyeColor: Blue

View Trailer - .wmv 132 MB 00:11:30

21 year old French-Canadian Chanel has a secret for staying so skinny despite eating a lot and not working out. It's not the usual weight loss method a girl her age might subscribe to. It's this (brace yourself!): She honestly believes when she swallows sperm she stays thin. I'm not kidding. At first she doesn't want to divulge this secret but later I get her to say it. I wish she didn't. After she said it she went from 'acceptably bright' to the 'total ditz' category in my eyes. On the other hand, now I know she'd pretty much buy all my usual bullshit and do whatever I want. Someone that naive certainly isn't gonna give me lip everytime I try something, right?

Well, not quite. Chanel has this open relationship with her boyfriend. He knows she's banging other guys and girls sometimes (you'll hear examples in the car). The rule is that she can't let anyone else fuck her ass or cum in her mouth. She claims he even knows that she's here with me today banging on camera. I'm not sure that's true because she's going out of her way asking me stuff like "not a lot of people are going to see this, right?". Why worry about that when her guy supposedly knows?

After making Chanel masturbate for me in the car (and lets me taste her always wet pussy like ten minutes after meeting me), and flashes other unsuspecting drivers on the freeway on our way to my place, I want to take some pictures of her right away. The girl oozes sex and I can't wait to get a piece of that. Chanel brought a pair of black stockings which she wants to wear for the photos. A hot girl who actually wants to wear stockings? Oh hell yeah. Must be a French thing. Chanel follows my instructions quite well and puts out some fucking hot pics for you. She's a walking turn-on and I can't wait to go upstairs to get nasty with her. I have her douche first (never sure about where that pussy's been before, you know?) and then it's exploitation time.
While I'm asking her personal questions I unpeel a naked Chanel and I gotta tell you, she's fucking fine. Great body, great attitude, and I just can't get enough of her pussy. After exploring and licking her little snatch some more I introduce Chanel to the Rabbit. As usual, the girl loves the damn thing. I'm seeing her pussy soak the vibrator with her juices and I know she's ready to take my cock in her mouth. She's a great little cock sucker and after making me sufficiently hard I shove my dick in her juicy pussy, while Chanel holds the vibrator on her clit for extra stimulation. I've been waiting for this since the minute I saw her at the airport in those tight jeans. I'm almost about to blow but am able to collect myself and switch positions. I'm fucking Chanel like it's the last thing I'm gonna do and try not to let her tight pussy suck out the cum too early. When I fuck her with her legs closed to the side though it's simply too much for me - I barely manage to pull out and unload my cum on her ass. Being the nice guy I am I give Chanel some wet wipes to clean herself off before I send her on her way. If I don't I'd be banging this little slut for the rest of the day and I still have some other whores lined up this week who want to do the nasty with Steve.
In the meantime, enjoy this crazy, slutty, and damn hot little French girl as much as I did...

Lezlie :: School: Arizona State University Year: Junior Age: 19 Height: 5'2 Figure: 34C-22-26 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .wmv 127 MB 00:10:12

5'2 Lezlie dragged her busty self all the way across town from ASU to meet me and begin her "modeling career". She even told her mom about it (yes, another one). Being the short and...uh... curvy type, her mom was excited that her daughter finally got something resembling a modeling job. I'm afraid that's where it'll end for her though. If nothing else, her boyfriend will surely put an end to this once he finds out. And he will.

At 19, Lezlie still has a bit of baby fat on her tiny frame, and I have the feeling she's been struggling with her weight for most of her teen years. This would explain why Lezlie now tries so hard to get attention from us guys. Lezlie does and says things no self confident 19 year old would do or say. So after some pre-shoot chit chat we step out on the patio so she can smoke a cigarette, probably to kill the hunger pains for Twinkies. Her big naturals look inviting and I begin playing with them. From chatting with her earlier I gathered that Lezlie is the submissive and pleasing type. A lot of those types enjoy a bit of pain and being dominated, like having their nipples squeezed really hard. Unsurprisingly, Lezlie's nipples are indeed her "Fuck Me" buttons - I squeeze and pull hard, and immediately her face changes from 'nonchalant' to 'nail me'. She suggests with a nod to get back in the room and start fucking. But I'm not ready to let her take the lead so I have her blow me on the patio instead. She tries to talk herself out of it (nervous to be seen by hotel guests blah blah blah) but whatever. She wants attention and the thrill, and giving a stranger head on the hotel balcony is a nice way to get that started, right? She does that spit-thing she must have picked up watching porn (she prefers girl/girl porn). She's shockingly good for being only 19, although her need for attention and being wanted sometimes make her try too hard later on. Although, I can tell you that when she says she's cumming (several times) she means it because Lezlie's pussy actually tenses up and starts milking my cock with small and fast contractions.

Being a bit of a masochist and a lot of a pleaser, Lezlie enjoys getting fucked and slapped and choked, and ass fingered, and being told what to do. Her big titties bounce so hard at times I was sure she'd slap herself in the face with them at any moment. I couldn't tell at first if her flirty and submissive facial expressions are fake or real. Given what she's willing to do (and orgasming while doing it!) I'd say it's the latter. Yes, Lezlie is a great fuck - she doesn't say no, likes it hard and rough, licks my ass for a little eternity, and after braving about a week's worth of cum on her face still agrees to come back to experiment with a girl on camera in the future, something she's always wanted to do with her female friends but never dared to ask. I fully expected her to say "Thank you, Sir!" as she left, physically and emotionally spent and now sexually educated beyond her years. You just let me know if you want her back. I wouldn't mind because this little pleaser sure knows how to submit to the cock. Enjoy!


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Ivy :: School: Arizona State University Year: Sophomore Age: 19 Height: 5'3 Figure: 32-26-32 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 101 MB 00:11:09

Ivy is quite nervous today, and she should be. As we make her try on the different panties she brought with her for the photo shoot she must be thinking "why the hell did I agree to do this?" - and I wonder that too. Ivy is about as girl-next-door as it gets. She comes from a good but strict home (ah! There's a clue...), wants to study psychology, is smart and well-spoken, and other than a little playing around at parties, Ivy stays faithful to her boyfriend(!). So why did she decide to do her first (and last?) porno today? No idea, honestly. Money, I guess, but there's usually more to it. Maybe it's her way to gauge her attractiveness to the world, or maybe she's trying to do a psych profile on guys who shoot porn in their spare time. Or both. Either way, here she is, demonstrating her panties for us while pretending this is all normal to her. We choose a pair (like it really matters) and I take the pictures. That's always fun because you get to see the "newbieness" of the girls. She doesn't quite know how to pose or what looks good in a photo, but she learns quickly and enjoys the attention. You can see that Ivy is already getting wet (check out the pics), always a good sign.

Considering how shy and nervous she is, Ivy reveals quite a lot about herself during the interview. She's surprisingly open and sexual, but nothing really out of the ordinary for a college girl her age. She admits to masturbating at home with vibrators and that's Jay's clue to bring out the first toy to see if she can lose herself enough to cum on camera. Almost immediately after putting the vibrator in her, Ivy starts creaming up and she all but forgets about the cameras. It gets more intense when Jay introduces her tight pussy to an arm-long dildo - watch how intently she concentrates on cumming. Very hot.

The BJ is where it becomes clear that Ivy isn't exactly a seasoned pornstar. She carefully sucks Jay's cock, almost as if she's afraid to break it. At one point he tries to deepthroat her a little. Doesn't go too well for poor Ivy, LOL. A girl can always get up and leave so you don't want to push her too hard at this point. You want to find a middle ground between enjoyable rough sex that just pushes her comfort zone a little bit, and the red zone. Jay finds this spot perfectly when he fucks Ivy hard on the bed and puts his hand around her neck. At first Ivy's facial expression reveal her initial anxiety about that, but it quickly dissolves into pleasure and she just enjoys the hard fucking. Ivy's comfort zone gets pushed quite a bit today actually. She probably didn't expect all the stuff Jay makes her do, but as long as she gets to cum a few times while she's doing it, it's all good. Speaking of cum: OMG. I swear to you Jay's cumshot isn't fancy Hollywood CGI, this dude really does shoot jizz by the bucket load. Unfortunately for Ivy, it all goes on her face and - dismay!! - her hair. The look on her face when Jay shoots one cum load after another... after another... after another... over her is priceless. She can't believe a man can cum that much. Neither did I. But the proof's in the pudding (or her hair, in this case).

Ivy did well today. There isn't anything ultra-hardcore here but for a normal girl like Ivy, this is probably about the most intense things she has done - or will ever do. Next time you see her will probably be on Psychology Today as a guest writer or something. I doubt this one will become a pro whore in the jizz bizz. But then again, who knows with these girls these days, right?

Cami :: School: Colorado State University Year: Sophomore Age: 19 Height: 5'7 Figure: 32-26-32 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 126 MB 00:13:17

WARNING: the video you are about to watch contains graphic adult content. What you see happening here is between consenting adults. In fact, our 19 year old Cami is the one who asks for rough sex. Again and again. Don't try any of this with anyone unless they too are kinky like Cami. Don't slap 'em, don't deep throat 'em, don't fishhook 'em, don't make them lick your ass, don't make them slurp your cum...unless they are crazy like this girl and WANT to. Cami does.

Cami will shock you. She looks all innocent, what with her braces and adorable smile and all. But Cami is probably one of the most hardcore girls we've seen here. Not five minutes in the car with Jay and she's gobbling down his cock, deep-throating herself (!). She made it clear that she loves rough sex and be told what to do. Jay takes advantage of that for the rest of the day. After some intense roadhead, Jay makes Cami fuck him in the parking lot. At that point he's still testing the waters with her. Cami's pussy is creaming up from the excitement and she can't wait to take it to the next level, as she says.

Cami goes through her cleansing ritual in the hotel bathroom (brushes her teeth, does her hair) while Jay asks her more intimate questions. After all that you will know everything you'd want to know about this girl and are ready to watch her get thoroughly exploited. Once on the bed it's time for Cami to show off her perfect little body and get her titties slapped and her ass gnawed on. Hey, she likes that stuff. Her soaking wet pussy is proof of that. Jay gets Cami off with his magic hands, and you'll probably need to turn the volume down at that point. When Cami cums, it's LOUD. Her entire body shakes, she does that thing with her legs that makes the bed vibrate so she can cum harder, and she screams and moans throughout her orgasms. We get great closeups of her pussy which literally oozes with girl juices. And Cami squirts a little sometimes when she cums, so watch out for that.

Stepping up the kink factor, Cami brought her own set of sex toys from home. I kid you not. Jay uses this one weird looking egg-thing on her, which looks huge and like it would hurt. It probably does but Cami practically cums the second he puts it inside her pussy. Watch her eyes roll back and her body shake and quiver as she cums again and again. She is surprised when she cums once again with a finger in her ass. Glad she learned something about herself LOL.
So that's for those of you who enjoy watching a teen girl orgasm. There is plenty of that, it's loud, and very very visual. Next up it's hardcore time: Cami deep-throats herself (okay, Jay "helps" LOL) on Jay's cock until she tears up - and she keeps going. It's so fucking magical that I play the footage from all 3 cameras back to back without interruptions or cuts. Just back to back deepthroating goodness, with tears and strands of spit and all the good stuff. You'll love it.
Only some of you will love what comes next though, so I warn you now: Jay makes Cami lick his ass, and she goes deep, if ya know what I mean. For rimjob fans, this is heaven. Once again repeated from all 3 camera angles. Cami loves being treated like a dirty slut.

Next up Cami gets fucked harder than she has ever been nailed in her life. Jay fucks her like a maniac and she keeps asking for more. He slaps her tits, puts his hands on her mouth when she screams too loud (even she's shocked there for a moment!), and he fishhooks her during what's supposed to be doggy style but what I consider an assault from the back. Heavy, hot and very energetic. But these two just keep on going. There's so much more, but I'll stop here, you'll see all that anyway in a minute.
I do love the cumshot though: Jay shoots his big load straight in her mouth, Cami keeps his sperm in her mouth, then lets some of it drip out in a big wad...then she catches it with her hand and lifts the whole mess up to her mouth and swallows the entire load. The girl is 19! You'll pop your load when you see this, especially since it's repeated from all 3 camera angles and then again in slow-motion. Don't miss a drop, literally. Haha. Enough from me. Cami's video will keep you entertained for a long time - so start downloading now! Enjoy!

Cheree :: School: San Jose City College Year: Sophomore Age: 19 Height: 5'0 Figure: 32B-28-32 EyeColor: Hazel

View Trailer - .mp4 109 MB 00:13:03

"I want to know how it feels like when you cum in my butt", Cheree confesses as she contemplates giving this anal sex thing another try. A few seconds earlier, Jay got to pop Cheree's anal cherry. But her first anal lasted only for a brief moment. Getting assfucked for the first time isn't always pleasant and Cheree could only handle Jay's big cock for a minute. But then she remembers reading somewhere that getting sperm in her ass could help her get a juicier booty (not that she needs it). And how does it feel when a man's pulsating cock shoots hot cum inside her? Cheree wants to find out and she's ready to give the butt fucking another chance now...This from a girl who wouldn't even take off her top in the car at first just an hour earlier.
Brother, I'm typing this description with one hand. I'm still not done whacking off to Cheree's video. I'm serious. This is one of the hottest, most hardcore shoots this year. It all starts out pretty cute and tame. Her initial shyness in the car is a turn on and more so when Jay talks her into taking off her top to reveal her "itty bitty titties" (her words. She's in an online contest of the same name right now.). Right away you realize this shy girl is just waiting to be challenged, and she gets more than her fair share of that today. I'm surprised how fast she agrees to giving Jay some roadhead (the boy is becoming the master of smooth talk) and you know it means something when even he says she gives the wettest blowjob he's ever gotten. There are thick strands of saliva when she lifts her mouth off his cock. She looks around to make sure none of the other drivers around them caught her doing the nasty. The smirk on her face tells us she wouldn't really mind though.

Next up is something I need to put a disclaimer on: what Cheree reveals to us now as she gets her make-up done is not something you would expect any girl to say. Ever. She confesses her most intimate sexual fantasy and let me tell you that what she says here today is NOT an invitation for anyone to actually act on. I'm serious. This is just her fantasy. I don't know why, and it shocked me when I heard her say it. I don't condone what she says, and I hope her secret isn't picked up by the wrong people. That's all I can say here. Just be prepared, okay?

Next Cheree picks out her clothing and Jay and her finish the interview portion. By now you will know pretty much everything you possibly would want to know about her. Her sexual preferences, her fantasies, her racial background (Brazilian!!), and more. If you're like me, you're absolutely in love with her by now and you want to watch her fuck and cum on camera. And that's exactly what's going to happen for the next hour or so. I already told you that today is the first time she gets assfucked, but watch how Jay manages to talk her into this in the first place. One thing that really helps is getting her off with a vibrator on her clit and a toy in her Brazilian bubble butt. Watch Cheree's pussy cream up as she gets closer and closer to cumming with that toy in her virgin ass. I bet you blow your first load when you see it. I did.

After she cums a few times, her enthusiasm for sucking cock and fucking is just so so. She is still so shy that she avoids looking into the cameras when possible, so Jay decides to spice things up and kick the excitement level up a notch - after fucking her pussy for a while he tells Cheree he wants her to suck her own juices off his cock...where everyone can see. On the patio. During the day. When there are people in the pool next to them. Cheree pracitcally faints and she keeps asking him if he's serious. He sure is. After a lot of coaxing and bribing, Cheree bravely walks out on the patio to suck Jay's cock some more, then lets him fuck her from behind. The people at the pool seem oblivious although there are some glances in our couple's direction. We're prepared to get kicked out of this hotel again soon, but this scene was worth it.

Back inside, Cheree is still shy, and shaking a bit from all this excitement. She enjoys getting fucked doggy style (oh that ass up in the air! Hmmmmm) but she has no idea what's in store for her next. Her first anal. Scary stuff, but it happens. She just doesn't know it yet. YYu'll love watching Cheree get assfucked for the first time. I did the Picture-in-Picture thing you like so much - you get to watch Cheree's facial expressions as Jay shoves his big cock inside her. Get ready to blow again a few times here.
After Jay unloads his semen inside Cheree (hey, anything for a bigger ass, right? LOL), it's time for a cleanup (she needs it) and the goodbyes. I wish Cheree's shoot would never end, I could watch our Brazilian hottie get nasty all day long. Maybe we will have her back in the future, if she decides to shoot another porn movie. She had a lot of fun, pushed her own boundaries admirably, and I know she'll have a lot of fans among you after you watch her video. I can't wait to get your feedback on this one, I hope you love Cheree as much as I do. Download now and let me know. - Steve

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